Y-wing Gold Leader

Classic Galoob Action Fleet



  • Opening cockpit
  • Rotating ion cannon turret
  • Slide-out engine nacelle hatch
  • Retractable landing gear (3)
  • Playset attachment hole (top of rear hull)
  • Poseable Gold Leader and R2 unit


  • Silver “SW” Logo box with oversized canopy / “clean”
  • Gold “SW” Logo box with slim canopy / “dirty” (pictured)


  • None currently

Toy Construction

  • Most of the body is glued together. The whole thing is a bitch to get apart. Starboard nacelle dome and port nacelle cuff are glued in and hold the hull together along with screws. Then there’s glue everywhere else. When I took it apart, I cut off the nacelle cuffs and popped the body apart starting with the cockpit.

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