Jodo Kast's Shuttle Foxcatch

FFG X-wing custom (1/270)



♦ Rotating wings


I built this using the Fantasy Flight Games Lambda Shuttle. Basically, I added the 6 modified X-wing engines using styrene tubes and various parts. I added the extra laser cannons to the wing roots. I then cut out the main wing, as well as shaving a little off the side wings. I finally added some various “greeblies” to the main wing.

Painting consisted of priming, grey layer, chipping fluid, and a green/grey layer. Once I had chipped the shuttle, I created a mask of the Kast clan emblem and sprayed it on either side of the main wing. I painted a few more details and used light AK washes to get the effect of a worn ship.


Jodo Kast was a Mandalorian bounty hunter who dressed up like Boba Fett to get more notoriety. This came back to bite him when Fett finally tracked him down. Fett left Kast under some rubble next to a nerve toxin antidote Fett shot him with, as well as Kast’s rocket back which was counting down to explode. Kast didn’t survive.

Kast’s ship, the Foxcatch, was a modified Lambda T-4a shuttle. He added 6 X-wing engines to the beast, giving it much faster sublight speed. Kast also added another laser cannon to each of the wing root emplacements. Kast also modified the wings making them shorter, and adding sensor equipment to main wing.

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