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The Star Wars Scale Lists contains the sizes and scales from a lot of small scale miniatures, collectibles, and toys, most of which I have measured personally using a digital caliper. There are some measurements that I rely on  friend for; those have a * beside the size. Vehicle scales are measured with a digital caliper, primarily using length. Still, there is a possibility of user error. Let me know if you think something is off, and I can check it. Most walkers, droids, and the Virago had their scales estimated to the best of my ability. Finally, due to disproportionate molds, the scales may be off slightly (AF X-wing and B-wing are two examples). This affects larger vehicles (aka cruisers) much more than smaller vehicles.

I try to use the standard reported sizes on Wookieepedia and/or my own reference books. However, several vehicles have contentious lengths, so keep that in mind. These lists aren’t here to debate the actual size of a vehicle, but rather provide a starting point for finding similarly sized or scaled miniatures.

There are even a few ships where I am estimating the referenced length. These sizes are marked "est." For instance, I use my own estimated A-wing size, so keep that in mind when looking through the lists. For a more in-depth look at how I am estimating these sizes, take a look at my Size Analyses pages.

CollectibleMaterialUsual Size/Scale
Action FleetHard plastic, Vinyl plastic detailsAround 15 cm
De AgostiniCast metal, brittle metal/plastic detailsAround 10 cm, varies greatly
F-toysInjection-molded plasticUsually 1/144 scale
Fantasy Flight X-wingPlasticUsually 1/270 scale
Hallmark OrnamentsResin molds8-14 cm
Micro MachinesVinyl plasticAround 5 cm
Micro Machines 2.0Vinyl plasticAround 5 cm
Micro Vehicles (2005)Vinyl plasticAround 8 cm
Model KitsStyrene plastic or resinVaries
Titanium SeriesCast metal, plastic details6-8 cm
TOMY SeriesVinyl plastic, injection plastic details6-8 cm
Wizards of the CoastVinyl plastic or hard plastic4-15 cm, varies greatly

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