Star Wars De Agostini scale list

The De Agostini (sometimes called Atlas) line is newer series that aired in Europe around 2002ish, and saw a wider release in 2007. These are die-cast ships that vary greatly in size, and have brittle metal and very brittle plastic details (display only). They come in sturdy acrylic display cases with themed backdrops, and they each come with a short “fact-file” magazine about the vehicle and other Star Wars information. However, their high price tag and limited distribution have made them overlooked by many collectors. Yet, even with these short-comings, the line has some unique pieces and is worth looking into if you want some great display models. Originally, De Agostini had 60 vehicle/issues slated for US release, as well as an exclusive Death Star I. As of 2012, De Agostini ended with a total of 80 ships/magazine collections (plus the DS1).

Many of these are marked as [*]. These measurements were either taken from the German Star Wars Collector Base website or friends, but should still be considered very accurate.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. Dimension
Darth Maul's Speeder Bike189.4 cm *1.65 m
Owen's Swoop Bike269.6 cm *3.68 m
STAP277.8 cm *2.09 m
Imperial Speeder Bike329.5 cm3 m
Grievous' Wheelbike327.8 cm (height )*2.5 m
Luke's Landspeeder359.7 cm *3.4 m
AT-RT438.1 cm (height) *3.45 m
BARC Speeder519.49 cm4.83 m
Droid Tri-fighter579.4 cm *5.4 m
AT-PT666.08 cm (height est.)4 m
Zam Wesell's Airspeeder689.65 cm6.6 m
Jedi Interceptor707.8 cm *5.47 m
Snowspeeder717.44 cm5.3 m
Grievous' Starfighter719.4 cm *6.71 m
A-wing739.55 cm7 m (est.)
V-wing7910.07 cm7.9 m
Jedi Starfighter859.4 cm *8 m
TIE Crawler877.7 cm *6.7 m
Jabba's Skiff939.9 cm *9.2 m
Vulture Droid937.5 cm *6.96 m
Geonosian Starfighter989.99 cm9.8 m
TIE Advanced x1956.5 cm *6.2 m (est.)
Persuader Tank Droid10410.55 cm10.96 m
Flash Speeder1067.1 cm *7.54 m
AAT1088.5 cm *9.19 m
Naboo Starfighter10810.2 cm *11 m
T-16 Skyhopper1119.4 cm (height) *10.4 m
TIE Fighter1116.5 cm *7.24
Anakin's Podracer1176 cm (engine length) *7 m
Cloud Car1215.79 cm7 m
Homing Spider Droid1225.98 cm (leg length)7.32 m
TIE Interceptor1267.15 cm (wing length)9 m (est.)
1.18 cm (viewport)
AT-ST1277.1 cm (height) *9.04 m
Hailfire Missile Droid1326.42 cm (wheel diameter)8.5 m
TIE Bomber1465.68 cm (wing length)8.3 m (est.)
1.18 cm (viewport)
X-wing1478.5 cm *12.5 m
Sebulba's Podracer1495 cm (engine length) *7.47 m
Gungan Bongo1569.6 cm *15 m
Wookiee Catamaran1619.4 cm15.1 m
B-wing16110.5 cm *16.9 m
TIE Defender1675.5 cm *9.2 m
Y-wing1679.7 cm *16.24 m
ARC-17018610.67 cm (width)19.85 m
Neimoidian Shuttle1927.5 cm *14.4 m
AT-OT20010 cm *20 m (est.)
AT-TE2158.36 (sans guns)18 m (est.)
Republic Gunship2267.53 cm (wingspan)17 m
UT-AT2489.58 cm23.8 m
Slave I2727.9 cm *21.5 m
AT-AT2818 cm (height) *22.5 m
Sith Infiltrator2949 cm *26.5 m
Jabba's Sail Barge3199.4 cm *30 m
Solar Sailor3225.2 cm *16.76 m
Theta-class Shuttle3255.7 (sans gun)18.5 m
Imperial Shuttle3575.6 cm *20 m
MTT3719.7 cm *35.94 m
Millennium Falcon3869 cm *34.75 m
Sandcrawler4219.5 cm *40 m
Clone Turbo Tank5239.45 (sans guns)49.4 m
Naboo Star Skiff5315.5 cm *29.2 m
Naboo Starship8449 cm *76 m
Naboo J-type Cruiser10543.7 cm *39 m
Rebel Transport11647.73 cm90 m
Rebel Blockade Runner120610.5 cm *126.68 m
AA-9 Starfreighter12479.623 cm120 m (est.)
Trade Federation Landing Ship16029.3 cm (width) *149 m
Techno Union Hardcell23149.508 cm220 m
Nebulon-B Frigate33339 cm *300 m
MC-80 Cruiser (Liberty)1090911 cm *1200 m
Venator Star Destroyer118469.75 cm *1155 m
Recusant Destroyer123689.597 cm1187 m
Invisible Hand1454511 cm *1600 m
Star Destroyer179788.9 cm *1600 m
MC-80 Cruiser (Home One)3106810.3 cm *3200 m (est.)
Droid Control Ship449106.7 (width) *3009 m
Super Star Destroyer19000010 cm *19 km
Cloud City28173915.75 cm (diameter)*16.2 km
Death Star24301346.584 cm (diameter)160 km
Death Star II138461546.5 cm *900 km

Notes on Estimated Sizes

A-wing - based on sizing pilot to cockpit size from RotJ stills

AA-9 Starfreighter - Based on feedback from another user & concept art showing human height

AT-TE - based on stills from AotC looking at Clone height and LAAT Dropship size

AT-OT - based on larger AT-TE size & stills from RotS

MC-80 Rebel Cruiser (Home One) - based on stills from RotJ and Empire At War suggesting double the length of a Star Destroyer

TIE variants - based on standardized canopy diameter, see TIE page

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