Star Wars F-toys scale list

The Star Wars F-Toys line is a Japanese model line of pre-painted, somewhat assembled kits that are designed to be mystery toys. The boxes have no indication what is inside, and each series of 6 includes a “secret” item not listed on the box. However, these aren’t difficult to find, and most are all labeled for website/store purchases.

F-Toys models come already painted and slightly weathered. Also, many have movable features and/or removable canopies. Some kits come with decals, as well as sprues of smaller pieces that need to be cut out and snapped in place. Most kits snap together well, but some require glue and/or a little sanding or cutting to get the pieces to fit properly.  The list below only includes those I actually have.

While typically listed as 1/144, the F-toys line used older references, hence why the scales are all over the place.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. Dimension
A-wing1086.49 cm7 (est.)
Snowspeeder1224.33 cm5.3 m
Trade Federation AAT1346.84 cm9.19 m
Y-wing13611.98 cm16.24 m
X-wing1398.98 cm12.5 m
Jedi Starfighter1425.63 cm8 m
Jedi Interceptor1443.79 cm5.47 m
B-wing14511.69 cm16.9 m
AT-ST1575.75 cm (height)9.04 m
TIE Fighter1614.49 cm (wing length)7.24 m9.9 mm (viewport)
TIE Interceptor1615.61 cm (wing length)9 m (est.)9.9 mm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x11623.83 cm (wing length)6.2 m (est.)9.9 mm (viewport)
TIE Bomber1625.13 cm (wing length)8.3 m (est.)9.9 mm (viewport)
TIE Crawler1625.43 cm (length)8.8 m (est.)9.9 mm (viewport)
AT-TE1859.73 cm (sans guns)18 m (est.)
AT-AT19011.83 cm (height)22.5 m
Imperial Shuttle3246.167 cm20 m
Jawa Sandcrawler3455.8 cm (height)20 m
Slave I3506.14 cm21.5 m
Millennium Falcon3896.582 cm (width)25.61 m
AT-AT4505 cm (height)22.5 m
Imperial Star Destroyer1492310.721 cm1600 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

A-wing - based on sizing pilot to cockpit size from RotJ stills

AT-TE - based on stills from AotC looking at Clone height and LAAT Dropship size

TIE variants - based on standardized canopy diameter, see TIE page

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