Fantasy Flight X-wing scale list

The Fantasy Flight Games X-wing line is a tabletop miniatures game. Players buy individual fighters or starter sets, which contain the pre-painted miniatures, the clear stands, and a plethora of upgrade cards. This is why they are expensive; you aren't just paying for the miniature itself.

Fantasy Flight miniatures are hard plastic with excellent detail. But despite nice consistent paint jobs, FFG decided to cover the minis in a very heavy, very dark wash. Luckily, the paint is solid enough to act as a nice primer coat should you wish to paint them.

As for construction, they seem attached with something like super-glue. So, if you want to pop them apart for lighting, just twist/rock the parts. You can also find "breakdown" guides online if you search. Lastly, the plastic works fine with styrene cement making them easy to customize.

Now, the designers researched the ships and claim the X-wing line as 1/270 scale (giggle). However, scales differ based on what reference size you use or what studio model you research. Still, I think they are correct on some sizes, such as the Moldy Crow, which is by no means close to the "canon" length of 29 meters.

Lastly, FFG also created a line of capital ships as part of their Armada game. These larger ships are beautiful and have great details, but the smaller Armada fighters are unpainted grey plastic. Still, they have potential if you want to paint something coin-sized.

And hey, I'll never be able to afford all of these, so please send me some measurements if you can (metric preferred with calipers).

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. Dimension
Figures (Legion)444 cm (average height)1.77 m (est.)
Imperial Combat Assault Tank (Legion)4416.8 cm7.3 m
Figures (Imperial Assault)573.1 cm (average height)1.77 m (est.)
Shadow Caster15911.33 cm (sans guns)18 m
11.77 cm (width)
TIE Punisher1664.71 cm7.8 m (est.)
TIE Advanced x11723.38 cm5.8 m8.07 mm (viewport)
TIE Aggressor1743.34 cm5.8 m7.8 mm (viewport)
A-wing1923.59 cm6.9 m
TIE Advanced v1 (Inquisitor)1961.82 cm3.57 m8.09 cm (viewport)
TIE Interceptor2113.65 cm7.7 m6.97 mm (viewport)
Quadjumper2123.77 cm7.98 m
Resistance A-wing2123.62 cm7.68 m
TIE Bomber2173.6 cm7.8 m
TIE Silencer2207.92 cm17.43 m
TIE Fighter2213.27 cm7.24 m7.3 mm (viewport)
V-19 Torrent2392.51 cm (sans guns)6 m
Geonosian Starfighter2404.09 cm9.8 m
Resistance Transport2456.61 cm (width)16.18 m
TIE Defender2513.51 cm8.8 m
ARC-1702564.96 cm (sans guns)12.71 m8.425 cm (width)
HWK-290 Moldy Crow2606.16 cm16 m
Punishing One2637.61 cm20 m
Ghost26816.4 cm43.9 m
Phantom2684.34 cm11.63 m
Y-wing (2nd ed.)2686.05 cm *16.24 m
B-wing (v2)2696.29 cm16.9 m
Z-95 Headhunter2694.39 cm11.8 m
Imperial Shuttle2707.413 cm20 m
Mandalorian Fang Fighter2704.28 cm11.56 m (est.)
TIE Phantom2703.89 cm? (est. 10.5 m)
TIE Reaper2708.96 cm24.2 m
VT-49 Decimator27014.1 cm38 m
E-wing2714.14 cm11.2 m
Hyena Bomber2714.6 cm12.48 m
B-wing2726.22 cm16.9 m
Starfortress Bomber2737.93 cm (height)21.65 m
Y-wing2745.92 cm *16.24 m
TIE Striker2776.2 cm17.18 m
K-wing2785.75 cm16 m
Outrider2856.54 cm18.65 m
U-wing2858.76 cm24.98 m
Scurrg H-6 Bomber2867.69 cm (width)22 m (est.)5.14 cm (length)
Assault Gunboat2883.47 cm10 m
X-wing2954.54 cm13.4 m
Kylo Ren's Shuttle30112.35 cm (wing height)37.2 m5.64 cm (hull length)
Hound's Tooth31415.1 cm47.4 m
BTL-B Y-wing3277.15 cm23.4 m
Phantom II3474.15 cm14.4 m
Rebel Transport39622.75 cm90 m
Imperial Raider Corvette43934.2 cm150 m
Rebel Blockade Runner45632.9 cm150 m
A-wing (Armada)5751.2 cm *6.9 m
B-wing (Armada)8891.9 cm *16.9 m
Y-wing (Armada)9281.75 cm *16.24 m
X-wing (Armada)9571.4 cm *13.4 m
Hammerhead Corvette21425.447 cm116.7 m
Nebulon-B Frigate33009.09 cm300 m
Imperial Light Carrier37309.116 cm340 m
Phoenix Home38777.28 cm282.24 m
MC30c Frigate524011.068 cm580 m
MC75 Profundity658218.3 cm1204.44 m
MC80 Liberty-class681717.6 cm1200 m
15.9 cm1129 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels & assuming FFG version is 1/270

Scurrg H-6 bomber - based on assuming 22 m refers to width, not length

TIE Aggressor - based on assuming it is the same size as the TIE Advanced x1

TIE Phantom - based on assuming FFG version is 1/270


  1. Thanks for this wonderful and comprehensive job. Would You be thinking about adding newer expansions to this section as they come? I must admit I based strongly on Your lists when choosing models.

    • Thank you. I would love to expand my FFG collection, but since I don’t play, I find it hard to justify the price. However, like with the De Agostini miniatures, I’ll be happy to include sizes that someone else measures (I label these with a *).

  2. Hello, thanks for compiling this information. This came very handy to print 3D boxes to “teleport” my entire fleet around ;-).
    However i’m a bit confused by some of these. Are they wing span measurements or nose to tail ?


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