Fantasy Flight X-wing scale list

Also includes Armada & Legion miniatures

Fantasy Flight Games has several tabletop miniature games for Star Wars. My collection mainly focuses on the pre-painted X-wing and Armada lines of starfighters and capital ships. However, FFG also makes some nice figure-sized lines in the Legion and now-discontinued Imperial Assault lines.

The Armada and X-wing lines come pre-painted and usually covered in a heavy, dark wash. Luckily, the paint is solid enough to act as a nice primer coat should you wish to paint them. As for construction, they seem attached with something like super-glue. So, if you want to pop them apart for lighting, just twist/rock the parts (or freeze them for a few hours beforehand). You can also find "breakdown" guides online if you search.

While most miniatures require super-glue to assemble, I've found that the Legion vehicles work fine with styrene cement making them easy to customize. Moreover, Legion seems to aim for 1/46 scale, but would easily pass for 1/48 making Bandai kits excellent diorama accessories.

And hey, I'll never be able to afford all of these, so please send me some measurements if you can (metric preferred with calipers).

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
TX-225 Occupier Tank4416.8 cm7.3 mLegion
Figures463.86 cm (average height)1.77 m (est.)Legion
TX-130 Saber Tank4817.1 cm8.2 mLegion
Figures573.1 cm (average height)1.77 m (est.)Imperial Assault
TIE Punisher1664.71 cm7.8 m (est.)
TIE Advanced x11723.38 cm5.8 m8.07 mm (viewport)
TIE Aggressor1743.34 cm5.8 m7.8 mm (viewport)
TIE Advanced v11761.82 cm3.2 m8.09 cm (viewport)
A-wing1923.59 cm6.9 m
TIE Interceptor2113.65 cm7.7 m6.97 mm (viewport)
Quadjumper2123.77 cm7.98 m
Resistance A-wing2123.62 cm7.68 m
TIE/sf2123.16 cm6.69 m
TIE Bomber2173.6 cm7.8 m
TIE Silencer2207.92 cm17.43 m
TIE Fighter2213.27 cm7.24 m7.3 mm (viewport)
V-19 Torrent2392.51 cm (sans guns)6 m
Geonosian Starfighter2404.09 cm9.8 m
Resistance Transport2456.61 cm (width)16.18 m
TIE Defender2513.51 cm8.8 m
ARC-1702564.96 cm (sans guns)12.71 m8.425 cm (width)
HWK-2902606.16 cm16 m
Punishing One2637.61 cm20 m
Ghost26816.4 cm43.9 m
Millennium Falcon (Lando's)26815.18 cm40.8 m
Phantom2684.34 cm11.63 m
Y-wing2686.05 cm *16.24 mVersion 2.0
B-wing2696.29 cm16.9 mVersion 2.0
Z-95 Headhunter2694.39 cm11.8 m
Fireball2704.63 cm12.5 m (est.)
Lambda-class Shuttle2707.413 cm20 m
Fang Fighter2704.28 cm11.56 m (est.)
M12-L Kimogila2706.18 cm16.7 m (est.)
TIE Phantom2703.89 cm? (est. 10.5 m)
TIE Reaper2708.96 cm24.2 m
VT-49 Decimator27014.1 cm38 m
E-wing2714.14 cm11.2 m
Hyena Bomber2714.6 cm12.48 m
B-wing2726.22 cm16.9 m
Starfortress Bomber2737.93 cm (height)21.65 m
Y-wing2745.92 cm *16.24 m
U-wing2748.76 cm23.99 m
TIE Silencer2776.3 cm17.43 mVersion 2.0
TIE Striker2776.2 cm17.18 m
K-wing2785.75 cm16 m
YT-24002856.54 cm18.65 m
Scurrg H-6 Bomber2867.69 cm (width)22 m (est.)5.14 cm (length)
Alpha-class Star Wing2883.47 cm10 m
X-wing2954.54 cm13.4 m
Shadow Caster30011.33 cm (sans guns)34 m (est.)11.77 cm (width)
Upsilon-class Shuttle30112.35 cm (wing height)37.2 m5.64 cm (hull length)
Hound's Tooth31415.1 cm47.4 m
BTL-B Y-wing3227.15 cm23.04 m
Phantom II3474.15 cm14.4 m
Rebel Transport39622.75 cm90 m
Raider Corvette43934.2 cm150 m
Corellian Corvette45632.9 cm150 m
A-wing5751.2 cm *6.9 mArmada
TIE Advanced x1612.948 cm5.8 mArmada
TIE Interceptor6671.155 cm7.7 mArmada
TIE Bomber7071.103 cm7.8 mArmada
TIE Defender7671.2 cm9.2 mArmada
TIE Fighter799.906 cm7.24 mArmada
B-wing8891.9 cm *16.9 mArmada
TIE Phantom8901.18 cm? (est. 10.5 m)Armada
HWK-2908981.781 cm16 mArmada
Y-wing9281.75 cm *16.24 mArmada
X-wing9571.4 cm *13.4 mArmada
Lambda-class Shuttle14811.36 cm20 mArmada
VT-49 Decimator16182.348 cm38 mArmada
Gozanti Cruiser17303.688 cm63.8 mArmada
Ghost18272.403 cm43.9 mArmada
Shadow Caster18641.824 cm (sans guns)34 m (est.)Armada
Hammerhead Corvette21425.447 cm116.7 mArmada
Rebel Transport21654.158 cm90 mArmada
Raider Corvette25955.78 cm150 mArmada
Corellian Corvette26165.734 cm150 mArmada
Nebulon-B Frigate33009.09 cm300 mArmada
Phoenix Home35367.982 cm282.24 mArmada
Quasar Light Carrier37269.124 cm340 mArmada
Arquitens Light Cruiser44197.355 cm325 mArmada
MC30c Frigate524511.058 cm580 mArmada
Onager Star Destroyer529417 cm900 m (est.)Armada
Gladiator Star Destroyer65189.205 cm600 mArmada
Assault Frigate Mk II654210.7 cm700 mArmada
Victory Star Destroyer656513.709 cm900 mArmada
MC75 Profundity658218.3 cm1204.44 mArmada
MC80 Liberty-class681717.6 cm1200 mArmada
Interdictor Star Destroyer710115.9 cm1129 mArmada
Imperial Star Destroyer788220.3 cm1600 mArmada
Starhawk Battleship788225.1 cm1978 m (est.)Armada
MC80 Home One-class1750518.28 cm3200 m (est.)Armada
Executor3054762.2 cm19 kmArmada

Notes on Estimated Sizes

Fireball - based on assuming FFG version is 1/270 and that it's based on an X-wing chassis

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels & assuming FFG version is 1/270

MC-80 Home One-class - based on stills from RotJ and Empire At War suggesting double the length of a Star Destroyer

Onager Star Destroyer - based on a fan analysis, which is probably about right.

Scurrg H-6 bomber - based on assuming 22 m refers to width, not length

Shadowcaster - no official sizes. Fantasy Flight estimated 34 meters, which is close to Rebels. The old 18 m size is reported in the Encyclopedia of Starships, but I think is based on the Banshee created for unfinished Clone Wars episodes, which was smaller.

Starhawk Battleship - based on size of shield generators compared to those on ISD, both are roughly 4.37 mm diameter

TIE Aggressor - based on assuming it is the same size as the TIE Advanced x1

TIE Phantom - based on assuming FFG version is 1/270


  1. Thanks for this wonderful and comprehensive job. Would You be thinking about adding newer expansions to this section as they come? I must admit I based strongly on Your lists when choosing models.

    • Thank you. I would love to expand my FFG collection, but since I don’t play, I find it hard to justify the price. However, like with the De Agostini miniatures, I’ll be happy to include sizes that someone else measures (I label these with a *).

  2. Hello, thanks for compiling this information. This came very handy to print 3D boxes to “teleport” my entire fleet around ;-).
    However i’m a bit confused by some of these. Are they wing span measurements or nose to tail ?


    • Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t noticed they changed that. Looks like they have conflicting sizes. 34 meters is definitely closer to Rebels, so I’ll update. I think the old 18 meters was what they imagined it as for the unfinished Clone Wars episodes. Best!

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