Fantasy Flight X-wing scale list

The Fantasy Flight Games X-wing miniatures line is a tabletop game. Most of the miniatures are meant to be 1/270 scale. The designers researched the vehicles before making the models, so some scales may differ if you rely on the more common sizes reported. I’ve taken some of this into account, such as with the Moldy Crow, which is by no means close to the listed length of 29 meters.

FFG has also done a line of capital ships as part of their Armada tabletop game. The larger ships are beautifully detailed, but the smaller fighters are unpainted, molded in grey.

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. Dimension
TIE Aggressor1863.34 cm6.2 m (est.)7.8 mm (canopy)
A-wing1973.55 cm *7 m (est.)
TIE Fighter2193.3 cm *7.24 m
TIE Bomber2313.6 cm8.3 m  (est.)
ARC-1702545 cm (sans guns)
12.71 m
TIE Defender2623.51 cm9.2 m
TIE Interceptor2643.47 cm *9 m (est.)
Z-95 Headhunter2694.39 cm11.8 m
HWK-290 Moldy Crow2706.16 cm16.63 m (est.)
Shadow Caster27011.33 cm (sans guns)? (est. 30.6 m)11.77 cm (width)
Lambda-class Shuttle2707.413 cm20 m
TIE Phantom2703.89 cm? (est. 10.5 m)
E-wing2714.14 cm11.2 m
B-wing2726.22 cm16.9 m
Y-wing2745.92 cm *16.24 m
X-wing2754.54 cm12.5 m
TIE Striker2776.2 cm17.18 m
U-wing2858.76 cm24.98 m
Hound's Tooth31615 cm *47.4 m
Outrider3216.54 cm21 m
Rebel Blockade Runner
32.3 cm *
126.68 m
Rebel Transport39622.75 cm90 m
Scurrg H-6 Bomber4285.14 cm22 m
Imperial Raider43534.5 cm *150 m
A-wing (Armada)5831.2 cm *7 m (est.)
B-wing (Armada)8891.9 cm *16.9 m
X-wing (Armada)8931.4 cm *12.5 m
Y-wing (Armada)9281.75 cm *16.24 m
Nebulon-B Frigate33758.89 cm *300 m
Phoenix Home38777.28 cm282.24 m
Interdictor880515.9 cm1400 m (est.)4.322 cm (bridge width)

Notes on Estimated Sizes

A-wing - based on sizing pilot to cockpit size from RotJ stills

HWK-290 - see Moldy Crow page

Interdictor - based on stills comparing Arquitens Light Cruiser to length and bridge width

Shadow Caster - based on assuming this model is 1/270

TIE Aggressor - based on assuming it is the same size as the TIE Advanced x1, see TIE page

TIE Bomber - based on standardized canopy diameter, see TIE page

TIE Phantom - based on assuming this model is 1/270


  1. Thanks for this wonderful and comprehensive job. Would You be thinking about adding newer expansions to this section as they come? I must admit I based strongly on Your lists when choosing models.

    • Thank you. I would love to expand my FFG collection, but since I don’t play, I find it hard to justify the price. However, like with the De Agostini miniatures, I’ll be happy to include sizes that someone else measures (I label these with a *).

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