Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments scale list

Hallmark began Star Wars ornaments in the late 90s. The Hallmark ornaments vary greatly in size, some being Action Fleet sized and others close to Micro Machines. However, they are all made of a hard resin and come with an ornaments hook on top. Most of the large, earlier ornaments had plugins for a tree light, while the newer ones simply run on small batteries. Apart from the vehicles I have, there are several figures and figure dioramas, as well as some great Millennium Falcon models.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReference
Vulture Droid (ep1 3 pack)2432.87 cm6.96 m
Imperial Shuttle2468.12 cm20 m
AT-AT (diorama)2658.5 cm (height)22.5 m
Naboo Fighter (ep1 3 pack)3473.166 cm11 m
Blockade Runner (Star Destroyer)54962.305 cm126.68 m
Star Destroyer1214813.171 cm1600 m
Droid Control Ship (ep1 3 pack)572165.259 cm (width)3009 m

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