Star Wars Hot Wheels scale list

Hot Wheels began their Star Wars line in 2016, on the heels of Hasbro's re-re-release of the Titanium line. Initially, Hot Wheels only released Star Wars-themed cars. Later, they expanded to die-cast vehicles with rubbery-plastic detail parts. Most of these come with some type of stand. While there have been several unique vehicles, Hot Wheels details are not as good as Titanium offerings. Hot Wheels models typically have thicker parts with limited details, as well as very little poseability. Still, it's nice to have a die-cast version of Yoda's Jedi Starfighter.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. Dimension
Yoda's Jedi Starfighter495.96 cm2.9 m (est.)
Rey's Speeder607.04 cm3.73 m
TIE Advanced v1 (Inquisitor)983.66 cm *3.57 m1.27 cm (viewport) *
TIE Advanced x11085.74 cm *6.2 m (est.)1.13 cm (viewport) *
AT-ST1297.03 cm (height) *9.04 m
TIE Interceptor1336.75 cm *9 m (est.)1.28 cm (viewport) *
TIE Fighter1385.23 cm *7.24 m1.15 cm (viewport) *
A-wing (Rebels)1516.35 cm9.6 m
Mandalorian Fang Fighter1646.69 cm11 m (est.)
X-wing1747.7 cm *13.4 m
Y-wing1769.25 cm *16.24 m
First Order Transporter2208.2 cm *18.05 m
U-wing2699.28 cm *24.98 m
Slave I3126.9 cm (height) *21.5 m
Millennium Falcon4038.62 cm *34.75 m
AT-ACT4806.63 cm (height)31.85 m
Ghost5787.6 cm *43.9 m
Resistance Bomber8.146 cm
AT-M67.01 cm (height)
TIE Silencer9.46 cm
Ski Speeder9.29 cm (width)

Notes on Estimated Sizes

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels

TIE variants - based on standardized canopy diameter, see TIE page

Yoda's Jedi Starfighter - based on stills & concept art

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