Star Wars Miscellaneous scales

other miniatures and their scales

This section contains miscellaneous toys and miniatures, including Command, Hot Wheels, Hasbro, and other brands. I don't actually own most of these collectibles. Ergo, I rely on others to give me the dimensions. If you would like to contribute, please email me with sizes in centimeter/millimeters (preferably with calipers).

Many of these are marked as [*]. These measurements were either taken from friends, but should still be considered very accurate.

Disney Snowspeeder and 1/48 AT-ST

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. DimensionLine
First Order Snowspeeder4412.02 cm5.26 mDisney Die-cast
Yoda's Jedi Starfighter495.96 cm2.9 m (est.)Hot Wheels
TIE Advanced v1 (Inquisitor)983.66 cm *3.57 m1.27 cm (viewport) *Hot Wheels
TIE Advanced x11085.74 cm *6.2 m (est.)1.13 cm (viewport) *Hot Wheels
AT-ST1297.03 cm (height) *9.04 mHot Wheels
TIE Interceptor1336.75 cm *9 m (est.)1.28 cm (viewport) *Hot Wheels
TIE Fighter1385.23 cm *7.24 m1.15 cm (viewport) *Hot Wheels
AT-ST1486.118 (height) *9.04 mCommand
Rebel Transport14860.96 cm *90 mHasbro/Kenner
AT-AT15015 cm (height) *22.5 mDisney Die-cast
A-wing (Rebels)1516.35 cm9.6 mHot Wheels
Mandalorian Fang Fighter1646.69 cm11 m (est.)Hot Wheels
X-wing1747.7 cm *13.4 mHot Wheels
Y-wing1769.25 cm *16.24 mHot Wheels
The Phantom1846.344 cm *11.63 mCommand
First Order Transporter2208.2 cm *18.05 mHot Wheels
Republic Gunship2407.08 cm (width) *17 m5.456 (length sans guns) *Command
AT-TE2557.072 cm (sans guns) *18 m (est.)Command
Slave I3126.9 cm (height) *21.5 mHot Wheels
Millennium Falcon4038.62 cm *34.75 mHot Wheels
AT-ACT4806.63 cm (height)31.85 mHot Wheels
Ghost5787.6 cm *43.9 mHot Wheels

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - based on stills from AotC looking at Clone height and LAAT Dropship size

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels

TIE variants - based on standardized canopy diameter, see TIE page

Yoda's Jedi Starfighter - based on stills & concept art

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