Star Wars Model Kits scale list

Unlike most of the aforementioned toys and collectibles, models come unassembled and usually unpainted. These require a good amount of time if you want to get a good looking model. Although, they are easier than creating a scratch-built or kit-bashed model. There aren’t many companies offering Star Wars models as licensing is a tricky issue. However, I’ll give you a rundown of the most common.

Injection-mold plastic:

  • Revell – pre-painted, snap together, often simplified detail, and usually come with rubbery figures
  • Revell of Germany – only released the Venator Star Destroyer: great detail, unpainted, waterslide decals
  • MPC or AMT or AMT/Ertl – old kits from late 70’s and early 80’s (later reissued): OK detail, unpainted, decals (many used in studio scale models)
  • Fine Molds – released in the mid-2000s: great detail, unpainted, waterslide decals, figures
  • Bandai replaced Fine Molds in 2014: snap-kits, great fit and detail, figures, decals & stickers (US reissues have no standing figures)


  • JPG Castings – high-quality kits: great detail, includes decals, lots of diorama pieces, wide variety
  • SMT – early 2000’s: great kits, interesting subjects, but hard to find now
  • Zarkus – unique kits with great detail, somewhat hard to find
  • Anigrand – unique subjects & capital ships: great detail, extra smaller kits packaged alongside, decals, clear canopies...very hard to find how
  • Scale Solutions – unique offerings, available online
  • Odyssey Slipways – small kits, often sold as accessories to larger ships

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others


VesselMakerScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Speeder BikeBandai1127.7 cm3 m
SnowspeederFine Molds4511.8 cm5.3 m
AT-STBandai4918.5 cm (height est.)9.04 m
T-70 X-wingRevell Level 2 kit5025 cm12.49 m
A-wingBandai5113.5 cm *6.9 m
AT-PTZarkus Models537.5 cm (height est.)4 m
SnowspeederRevell pocket kit5310 cm5.3 m
Jedi InterceptorRevell pocket kit559.93 cm5.47 m
TIE InterceptorBandai6312.15 cm7.7 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x1Bandai688.5 cm5.8 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE InterceptorFine Molds7011 cm7.7 m1.99 cm (viewport)
Slave I Fine Molds7130.5 cm (height)21.5 m
First Order Special Forces TIE FighterBandai729.26 cm6.69 m2.13 cm (viewport)
TIE/DScale Solutions728.47 cm6.1 m
TIE FighterBandai7210.1 cm7.24 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE StrikerBandai7223.8 cm17.18 m1.915 cm (viewport)
Y-wingBandai7222.5 cm *16.24 m
TIE InterceptorRevell pocket kit7710 cm7.7 m1.64 cm (viewport)
Tie Advanced x1Fine Molds787.47 cm5.8 m1.99 cm (viewport)
Jedi StarfighterRevell pocket kit8010 cm8.99 m
Millennium FalconFine Molds8043.18 cm34.75 m
TIE FighterFine Molds818.91 cm7.24 m1.99 cm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x1Revell pocket kit827.08 cm5.8 m1.68 cm (viewport)
U-wingRevell8628 cm23.99 m
Imperial ShuttleRevell10319.4 cm *20 m
A-wingBandai1046.64 cm6.9 m
Upsilon-class ShuttleRevell
10635 cm (wing height)37.2 m
AT-TERevell10916.5 cm (sans guns)18 m (est.)
X-wingRevell pocket kit12211 cm13.4 m
SnowspeederBandai1264.2 cm5.3 m
ARC-170Revell pocket kit12715.59 cm (width)19.85 m
Tie Advanced x1Bandai1354.31 cm5.8 m1.113 cm (viewport)
AT-ATBandai14116 cm (height)22.5 m19.2 cm (length)
TX-225 Occupier TankBandai1445.08 cm7.3 m
TIE FighterBandai1445.03 cm7.24 m1.113 cm (viewport)
TIE StrikerBandai14411.9 cm17.18 m
Y-wingBandai14411.26 cm *16.24 m
U-wingBandai14516.5 cm23.99 m
AT-STBandai1476.17 cm (height)9.04 m
Millennium FalconFine Molds15921.8 cm34.75 m
AT-ACTRevell16019.9 cm (height) *31.85 m
Millennium FalconRevell TFA kit16421.2 cm34.75 m
TIE PhantomAnigrand1706.2 cm? (est. 10.5 m)
Republic GunshipRevell pocket kit1769.68 cm (wingspan) *17 m
AT-M6Revell18020.1 cm (height)36.18 m
Millennium Falcon MPC Hoth Base24014.5 cm *34.75 m
Millennium FalconRevell pocket kit34810 cm34.75 m
Rebel TransportMPC Hoth Base37524 cm *90 m
AT-M6Bandai5456.64 cm (height)36.18 m
MTTAMT/Ertl5596.43 cm35.94 m
Corellian CorvetteBandai118212.69 cm150 m
Republic CruiserAMT/Ertl17116.721 cm115 m
Nebulon-B FrigateAnigrand209614.316 cm300 m
MC30c FrigateCosmos Models225625.6 cm580 m
Corellian CorvetteAnigrand27555.445 cm150 m
Imperial Star DestroyerRevell Snap kit400040 cm *1600 m
Arquitens Light CruiserOdyssey Slipways41117.905 cm325 m
Imperial Star DestroyerMPC420038.1 cm *1600 m
MC30c FrigateUtar Ships429013.52 cm580 m
Droid Landing ShipAMT/Ertl4844
7.639 cm (width)370 m
Liberator CruiserUtar Ships5675105.72 cm600 m (est.)
Imperial Star DestroyerRevell pocket kit1205213.276 cm1600 m
Imperial Star DestroyerBandai1460010.959 cm1600 m
ExecutorBandai10052918.9 cm19000 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - based on stills from AotC looking at Clone height and LAAT Dropship size

Liberator Cruiser - sources claim it's small, but carries 72 starfighters. 600 meters sets it at the same size as the Gladiator Star Destroyer and makes it fit most Armada ships.

TIE Phantom - based on assuming FFG version is 1/270


    • Hmm. Yeah, it should be the same model. I took the 9.2 from another source, so it’s quite possible it’s off. Is the one you have exactly 10cm?

      • Yes, its actually the latest video I did on my YT channel. Though I wouldnt call it a review, I did take a closer look at the model and the parts…in fact now that I look at the box again, there is a measurement of 92mm but it actually doesnt refer to any specific part measured. Im guessing thats where the 9.2cm comes from.

        • Ah, that’s probably where I got the measurement. You wouldn’t happen to have some calipers that you can measure the diameter of the viewport?

  1. Unfortunately no. Best thing I have is one of those stainless steel rulers. I measured the part diameter of the viewport clear piece and it comes to 2.3 cm. but I also measured the outline of that viewport on the cockpit ball and it came to 2.2cm.
    I got to say that this is a great site you got going here and its really helpful. You should look at a few of the hasbro vehicles. The modern slave 1 is just about right for 1/48 from what I remember.

    • Thanks man for the comments. I hope there’s a little something somewhere one here that can help modelers, gamers, and collectors. I try to keep up with Star Wars toys, but it can be expensive, so I often just get the small scale stuff. But you are right, a lot of the bigger toys are great models with just a little work.

  2. Hello! I wanted to let you I have really enjoyed this site so far! The scaling of different vehicles has helped me greatly in my model career so far. I could not find the scale for the Star Destroyer model from MPC/ERTL (1989), my very simple math has it about 1/4160. Star destroyer length 5,200 ft – 62,400 inches (wookipedia reference) and the model is 15″ long. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks man. Glad the site is helping you. I’ve been told the MPC kit is around 1/4200. If I calculate correctly, 15 inches is 38.1 cm and divide that by 1600 m. But at that scale, 1 mm up or down could alter it by quite a bit. Best!!

    • Yeah. Luckily, the U-wing is close to being in scale with some Micro Machine figures. And they are still decent models, just not Bandai.

  3. Question about the Y-Wing: The Star Wars site says its 23.4 meters and the Wookieepedia sight says the same thing, but also gives a measurement of 16.24 meters. Which one is actually canon?

    • Short answer, 16.24 m is canon for the basic Y-wing. The larger size is for the Clone Wars variant. The problem stems from the Databank considering the 2 versions to be the same length at 23.4 meters. But if you look at screenshots, they aren’t the same size. Luckily, the Rogue One Visual Guide corrects the Y-wing to the 16.24 m size.

    • You may be thinking of the larger version, which I think is close to 1/83. The pocket kit I have came in a small box. But also, the canon length changed for the ARC-170, which changes a lot of the scales listed on the box. Plus, I never know if the length includes the rear cannons or not (why I rely on width). So yeah…it’s very muddy. If it looks close enough, it probably is. Cheers!

  4. Hello Jonathan. Just a heads up but the TIE interceptor has a new length listed. It shows up on Wookieepedia via a wood model kit book (2016), but still listed at 9.6 meters on the official Star Wars site database.

    • Oh wow, 11.45m for the Interceptor. That’s very odd. And they upped Vader’s TIE to 11.05 meters. I think I’ll leave what I have currently, but I’ll make note of these. That just seems way too big. Thanks though!

  5. Hello, I have two revell models, Advanced Tie Fighter (17cm width) and Tie Fighter (15 cm width) that not appears on the chart

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