Star Wars Model Kits scale list

Unlike most of the aforementioned toys and collectibles, models are sold unassembled and usually unpainted. These require a good amount of time if you want to get a good looking model; although, they are easier than creating a scratch-built or kit-bashed model. There aren’t many companies offering Star Wars models, as the licensing is a tricky issue. However, I’ll give you a rundown of the most common. Assume they are injection-molded plastic kits unless noted

  • Revell – These kits are pre-painted, snap together, and usually come with rubbery figures. These are NOT re-boxings of old AMT kits.
  • Revell of Germany – Previously separate from Revell, RoG released a Venator Star Destroyer with great detail, but requires painting.
  • MPC or AMT or AMT/Ertl – MPC released several kits back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. These kits were reissued under Airfix, AMT, and AMT/Ertl as recently as 2004-ish. AMT/Ertl also released several Episode I mini-kits in 1999.
  • Fine Molds – Comparatively new, the Japan-based company has released several excellent kits, primarily in 1/72 scale. These kits have the really great detail and include a very high piece count, but they still fit together rather well.
  • Bandai replacing Fine Molds as the Japanese Star Wars model producer in 2014, these kits are beautifully molded and engineered. The fit nicely together without glue, but require care when using enamel products.
  • SMT – The Canadian company has released several excellent resin kits of popular and unique models in the early 2000’s. Most are no longer available and only saw short online runs. SMT is no longer around.
  • Zarkus – US-based ZMT has released several resin kits as well (some mastered for SMT). Zarkus is still making kits, available online.
  • Anigrand – This Chinese based company stopped making SW models in early 2010, but not before releasing some excellent resin kits. Most came with smaller accessory kits and were scaled to other popular SW model kits.
  • Scale Solutions – Based in Australia, Scale Solutions has released many unique Star Wars resin kits, many are still available online.
  • JPG Castings – US-based individual who creates many unique and high-quality Star Wars resin kits in a variety of scales.
  • Odyssey Slipways – US-based resin kit maker. Most kits are small and are designed as accessories to larger ships.


A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselMakerScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Speeder BikeBandai1127.7 cm3 m
SnowspeederFine Molds4511.8 cm5.3 m
AT-STBandai4918.5 cm (height est.)9.04 m
T-70 X-wing (lvl 2 kit)Revell5025 cm12.48 m
AT-PTZarkus Models537.5 cm (height est.)4 m
Snowspeeder (pocket kit)Revell5310 cm5.3 cm
Jedi Interceptor (pocket kit)Revell559.93 cm5.47 m
Slave I Fine Molds7130.5 cm (height)21.5 m
First Order Special Forces TIE FighterBandai729.26 cm (wing length)6.69 m2.13 cm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x1Bandai728.5 cm (wing length)6.2 m (est.)2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE FighterBandai7210.1 cm (wing length)7.24 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE StrikerBandai7223.8 cm17.18 m1.915 cm (viewport)
Y-wingBandai7222.5 cm *16.24 m
TIE/DScale Solutions748.47 cm6.3 m
TIE InterceptorBandai7412.15 cm9 m (est.)2.23 cm (viewport)
Jedi Starfighter (pocket kit)Revell8010 cm (figure too small)8.99 m
Millennium FalconFine Molds8043.18 cm34.75 m
TIE FighterFine Molds818.91 cm (wing length)7.24 m1.99 cm (viewport)
TIE InterceptorFine Molds8211 cm (wing length)9 m (est.)1.99 cm (viewport)
Tie Advanced x1Fine Molds837.47 cm (wing length)6.2 m (est.)1.99 cm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x1 (pocket kit)Revell887.08 cm (wing length)6.2 m (est.)1.68 cm (viewport)
U-wingRevell8928 cm24.98 m
TIE Interceptor (pocket kit)Revell9010 cm (wing length)9 m (est.)1.64 cm (viewport)
Imperial ShuttleRevell10319.4 cm *20 m
Kylo Ren's Command ShuttleRevell
10635 cm (wings gear up)37.2 m
AT-TERevell10916.5 cm (sans guns)18 m (est.)
X-wing (pocket kit)Revell11411 cm12.5 m
ARC-170 (pocket kit)Revell12715.59 cm (width)19.85 m
AT-ATBandai14116 cm (height)22.5 m19.2 cm (length)
Combat Assault TankBandai1445.08 cm7.3 m
Tie Advanced x1Bandai1444.31 cm6.2 m (est.)1.113 cm (viewport)
TIE FighterBandai1445.03 cm7.24 m1.113 cm (viewport)
TIE StrikerBandai14411.9 cm17.18 m
Y-wingBandai14411.26 cm *16.24 m
Millennium FalconFine Molds15921.8 cm34.75 m
AT-ACTRevell16019.9 cm *31.85 m
Millennium Falcon (TFA kit)Revell16421.2 cm34.75 m
TIE PhantomAnigrand1706.2 cm? (est. 10.5 m)
Republic Gunship (pocket kit)Revell1769.68 cm (width) *17 m
Millennium Falcon (Hoth Base)MPC24014.5 cm *34.75 m
Millennium Falcon (pocket kit)Revell34810 cm34.75 cm
Rebel Transport (Hoth Base)MPC37524 cm *90 m
MTT (ep1 mini-kit)AMT/Ertl5596.43 cm35.94 m
Republic Cruiser (ep1 mini-kit)AMT/Ertl17116.721 cm115 m
Droid Landing Ship (ep1 mini-kit)AMT/Ertl19517.639 cm (width)149 m
Nebulon-B FrigateAnigrand209614.316 cm300 m
MC30c FrigateCosmos Models225625.6 cm580 m
Blockade RunnerAnigrand23275.445 cm126.68 m
Star Destroyer (snap kit)Revell400040 cm *1600 m
Arquitens Light CruiserOdyssey Slipways41117.905 cm325 m
Star DestroyerMPC420038.1 cm *1600 m
MC30c FrigateUtar Ships429013.52 cm580 m
Star Destroyer (pocket kit)Revell1205213.276 cm1600 m
Star DestroyerBandai1460010.959 cm1600 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

A-wing - based on sizing pilot to cockpit size from RotJ stills

AT-TE - based on stills from AotC looking at Clone height and LAAT Dropship size

TIE variants - based on standardized canopy diameter, see TIE page

TIE Phantom - based on assuming the FFG model is 1/270


    • Hmm. Yeah, it should be the same model. I took the 9.2 from another source, so it’s quite possible it’s off. Is the one you have exactly 10cm?

      • Yes, its actually the latest video I did on my YT channel. Though I wouldnt call it a review, I did take a closer look at the model and the parts…in fact now that I look at the box again, there is a measurement of 92mm but it actually doesnt refer to any specific part measured. Im guessing thats where the 9.2cm comes from.

        • Ah, that’s probably where I got the measurement. You wouldn’t happen to have some calipers that you can measure the diameter of the viewport?

  1. Unfortunately no. Best thing I have is one of those stainless steel rulers. I measured the part diameter of the viewport clear piece and it comes to 2.3 cm. but I also measured the outline of that viewport on the cockpit ball and it came to 2.2cm.
    I got to say that this is a great site you got going here and its really helpful. You should look at a few of the hasbro vehicles. The modern slave 1 is just about right for 1/48 from what I remember.

    • Thanks man for the comments. I hope there’s a little something somewhere one here that can help modelers, gamers, and collectors. I try to keep up with Star Wars toys, but it can be expensive, so I often just get the small scale stuff. But you are right, a lot of the bigger toys are great models with just a little work.

  2. Hello! I wanted to let you I have really enjoyed this site so far! The scaling of different vehicles has helped me greatly in my model career so far. I could not find the scale for the Star Destroyer model from MPC/ERTL (1989), my very simple math has it about 1/4160. Star destroyer length 5,200 ft – 62,400 inches (wookipedia reference) and the model is 15″ long. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks man. Glad the site is helping you. I’ve been told the MPC kit is around 1/4200. If I calculate correctly, 15 inches is 38.1 cm and divide that by 1600 m. But at that scale, 1 mm up or down could alter it by quite a bit. Best!!

    • Yeah. Luckily, the U-wing is close to being in scale with some Micro Machine figures. And they are still decent models, just not Bandai.

  3. Question about the Y-Wing: The Star Wars site says its 23.4 meters and the Wookieepedia sight says the same thing, but also gives a measurement of 16.24 meters. Which one is actually canon?

    • Short answer, 16.24 m is canon for the basic Y-wing. The larger size is for the Clone Wars variant. The problem stems from the Databank considering the 2 versions to be the same length at 23.4 meters. But if you look at screenshots, they aren’t the same size. Luckily, the Rogue One Visual Guide corrects the Y-wing to the 16.24 m size.

    • You may be thinking of the larger version, which I think is close to 1/83. The pocket kit I have came in a small box. But also, the canon length changed for the ARC-170, which changes a lot of the scales listed on the box. Plus, I never know if the length includes the rear cannons or not (why I rely on width). So yeah…it’s very muddy. If it looks close enough, it probably is. Cheers!

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