Star Wars Size Analyses

A look into what I estimate are "truer" sizes of Star Wars vehicles

You might notice that many of the vehicle sizes on the scales lists have "est." next to them, which indicates that I estimated the vehicle size. While I agree with most of the official dimensions, I take issue with certain ones that just don't quite add up. A lot of the contentious sizes came about due to disproportionate models from the original trilogy, as well as West End Games reporting erroneous sizes in the 80s. However, I still have issues with certain official sizes, especially when you look at the photos of the vehicles in context of the films. So, if you're wondering how I arrived at these estimations, I hope to make several pages discussing where these came from.
Again, please realize these are merely my own estimations and may change over time.
Official Ship Sizes - a look into old vs new official sizes and reasons behind the change
The Moldy Crow - comparisons of screenshots and comic book appearances (how is this ship?)
TIE Fighter - how and why I use the canopy diameter as the basis for my scale calculations


Empire at War game showing Mon Calamari Home One cruiser as twice the length a Star Destroyer

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