Official Star Wars Sizes

Old vs New "Official" vehicle sizes taken from and other sources

Changes to “official” sizes

It seems that the entire Star Wars Databank changed around the time Disney bought Lucasfilm. Several vehicles saw their sizes altered to fit either the new canon or the actual size of the models. Now, most of the changes are minimal, yet some are almost double. Listed below are the old and new sizes. Also, I have tried to give you guys an idea of what might have spurred these changes.

However, I rarely know when a reported size includes the cannons. Many references in the Incredible Cross-Sections books exclude the cannons from the overall length (such as the AT-TE). Yet, these are still good starting points in case you see discrepancies in reported sizes. As always, my Scale Lists have the "reference" size that I am using. Whether or not it's accurate is another matter. Cheers!

Rogue One brought several more changes to the official sizes, since the ILM digitally recreated all of the ships to scale with their pilots. See the Rogue One Visual Guide.


All sizes use length, unless otherwise noted.


Size Updates

VesselOriginalPost 2013Possible reasons
AAT9.75 m9.19 mminor change
ARC-17022.6 m19.85 mWingspan sizes. Minor change.
AT-AT15.5 m22.5 mTossing out old West End Games sizes.
AT-RT3.2 m3.45 mminor change
AT-ST8.6 m9.04 mMinor change for Rogue One.
AT-TE13.2 m22.02 mNew length matches screenshots better. I estimate 18 m for just the hull.
A-wing9.6 m6.9 mMinor change for Starfighter Manual. It reflects my analysis from prior years.
BARC Speeder4.57 m4.83 mminor change. Longer size ONLY appears in Databank.
Darth Maul's Speeder1.5 m1.65 mminor change
Death Star I160 km120 km, 160 kmOld ILM reports and 2008 Databank showed 160 km. DS Owner's Manual listed 120 km. Rogue One confirmed 160 km.
Death Star II900 km160 km, 200 kmOld ILM reports and 2008 Databank showed 900 km. DS Owner's Manual listed 160 km. R1 Death Star Guide reported 200 km.
Desert Skiff9.2 m9.5 mminor change
Droid Control Ship3,170 m3,356.9 mminor change. I use 3,009 m width for scales.
Droid Gunship11 m9.75 mminor change. These are the width sizes.
First Order Transporter17.83 m18.05 mminor change. Longer size ONLY appears in Databank.
Flash Speeder4.5 m7.54 mLarger size refers to version seen in Rebels. I use the smaller size for scales.
Gozanti Cruiser41.8 m63.8 mProbably changed for Rebels.
Hound's Tooth62 m47.4 mChanged to match appearance in The Clone Wars.
Luxury 3000 Yacht50 m55.52 mminor change
Millennium Falcon34.37 m34.75 mminor change
Moldy Crow29 m16 mSee Moldy Crow page
MTT31 m35.94 mminor change
Neimoidian Shuttle20 m14.4 mminor change
Outrider21 m18.65 mChanged with Solo Millennium Falcon Owner's Manual
Republic Gunship17.4 m17.69 mminor change. I still use 17 m wingspan for scales.
Republic Charger Frigate115 m138.55 mI don't know why this was changed. The original Consular-class Radiant VII is still 115 m. There's no way a the Clone Wars refit upped it to 138.55 m.
Solar Sailor15.2 m16.76 mminor change. Longer size ONLY appears in Databank.
T-16 Skyhopper12 m10.4 mminor change
TIE Interceptor9.6 m7.7 mReflects more accurate size. See my size estimates.
TIE Fighter6.4 m8.99 m, 7.24 mOriginally too small. Upped to 8.99 m, maybe for Fantasy Flight game. Then, the Rogue One Visual Guide took it to 7.24 m, very close to my estimates.
V-35 Landspeeder3.8 m7.64 mChanged to fit Rebels.
Venator Star Destroyer1,137 m1,155 mminor change
Vulture Droid3.5 m6.96 m3.5 m is hull length, 6.96 is wing length.
X-wing12.5 m13.4 mMinor change listed in the Rogue One Visual Guide and confirmed in the Starfighter Manual.
Y-wing16 m23.4 m, 16.24 mMinor change listed in the Rogue One Visual Guide. Clone Wars version is 23.04 m.
Z-95 Headhunter11.8 m16.74 mSize upped for Clone Wars version. I use the smaller size for non-CW versions.

Semi-Canon sources?

Now, I usually consider the Star Wars Databank and the more recent Visual Guides/Cross-Sections as the best OFFICIAL canon sources. They usually have input from Pablo Hidalgo and other people who fact-check everything. And, their sizes usually line up with all other recent releases. However, occasionally there are recent books or games or whatever that disagree with the main sources. You could still consider these books canon, but they aren't at the top. Moreover, they often list contradictory information, so it's difficult to determine how accurate they are.

One of these books is the IncrediBuilds series, which is part technical journal and part wooden model builder. Their book on the TIE Fighter has some really wacky information. First, they list new sizes for all the main TIEs.

  • Fighter: 8.9 meters
  • Interceptor: 11.45 meters
  • Advanced x1: 11.05 meters
  • Bomber: 7.9 meters

Now, despite of the fact that Rogue One basically defined how big a TIE Fighter is, this book went with a larger size, never referenced anywhere else. But it gets better. The book suggests TIEs have a life-support system, which is opposite of what we have read for years. And it depicts the top hatch as an emergency hatch; the pilots apparently enter from the back.

So, even though this book and others are endorsed by Disney, I can't accept anything here as accurate. Neat ideas...maybe. But, life-support...on a TIE?

IncrediBuilds TIE Fighter page


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