Official Star Wars Sizes

Old vs New "Official" vehicle sizes taken from and other sources

Changes to “official” sizes

It seems that the entire Star Wars Databank changed shortly after Disney bought Lucasfilm. Several vehicle sizes were altered to fit either new cannon or better reflect the actual size. Most of the changes are minimal, yet some are almost double. Listed below are the old and new sizes. Also, I have tried to give you guys an idea of what might have spurned the changes.

The most significant difference is that the Databank now lists the old Y-wing and Clone Wars Y-wing together, which I do not feel is accurate for both vessels. The Clone Wars B variant was clearly longer than the original. Moreover, I don't know which of these vehicle lengths include the cannons. Many references in the Incredible Cross-Sections books excluded the cannons from the overall length (such as the AT-TE). However, at least this is a starting point in case you see discrepancies in reported sizes. As always, my scale lists have the "reference" size that I am using.

I should also take a moment to explain Death Star sizes. West End Games originally listed them at 120km and 160km. The Incredible Cross-Sections books listed them as 160km for DSI and 900km for DSII. An ILM designer confirmed the larger 900km size for the Death Star II, and the databank was changed in 2008 to reflect this. However, around 2013, they went back to the smaller sizes. But if you remember how tiny the Executor seemed (at 19km) when it crashed into the Death Star II, then 900km fits much better than 160.

The Rogue One Visual Guide brought a few more changes to the official sizes since so many vehicles had to be recreated digitally to scale.

Size Updates

VesselOriginal2013-15Rogue OnePossible reasons
AAT9.75 m9.19 mminor change
ARC-17022.6 m19.85 mWingspan sizes. Minor change.
AT-AT15.5 m22.5 mTossing out old West End Games sizes.
AT-ST8.6 m9.04 mMinor change for Rogue One.
AT-TE13.2 m22.02 mNew length matches screenshots better. I estimate 18 m for just the hull.
BARC Speeder4.57 m4.83 mminor change
Darth Maul's Speeder1.5 m1.65 mminor change
Death Star I160 km120 km160 kmSmaller sizes reported in Death Star Owner's Manual. Larger sizes match ILM reports and 2008 Databank updates. Large size confirmed for Rogue One.
Death Star II900 km160 kmSmaller sizes reported in Death Star Owner's Manual. Larger sizes match ILM reports and 2008 Databank updates.
Desert Skiff9.2 m9.5 mminor change
Droid Control Ship3,170 m3,356.9 mminor change. I use 3,009 m width for scales.
Droid Gunship11 m9.75 mminor change. These are the width sizes.
First Order Transporter17.83 m18.05 mminor change. Smaller size indicated in Cross-Sections book. Longer size listed in Databank.
Flash Speeder4.5 m7.54 mNo idea why this changed.
Hound's Tooth62 m47.4 mChange to adapt size to appearance in The Clone Wars.
Invisible Hand1,088 m1 kmminor change making it longer than a Venator
Luxury 3000 Yacht50 m55.52 mminor change
Millennium Falcon34.37 m34.75 mminor change
MTT31 m35.94 mminor change
Neimoidian Shuttle20 m14.4 mminor change
Rebel Blockade Runner150 m126.68 mminor change
Republic Gunship17.4 m17.69 mminor change. I still use 17 m wingspan for scales.
Republic Charger Frigate115 m138.55 mI don't know why this was changed. The original Consular-class Radiant VII is still 115 m. There's no way a the Clone Wars refit upped it to 138.55 m.
Solar Sailor15.2 m16.76 mminor change
T-16 Skyhopper12 m10.4 mminor change
TIE Bomber7.8 m9.2 mNew size only appears in the Absolutely Everything You Need to Know book, which is considered semi-canon. See my size estimates.
TIE Fighter6.4 m8.99 m7.24 mOriginally too small. Upped to 8.99 m, maybe for Fantasy Flight game. Then, the Rogue One Visual Guide took it to 7.24 m, very close to my estimates.
Trade Fed Landing Craft370 m149 mWingspan sizes. Not sure which fits better.
V-35 Landspeeder3.8 m7.64 mChanged to fit Rebels.
Venator Star Destroyer1,137 m1,155 mminor change
Vulture Droid3.5 m6.98 mDifferent sizes were presented on-screen, so either could be correct.
X-wing12.5 m13.4 mMinor change listed in the Rogue One Visual Guide. It may only apply to the T-65C-A2 variant and not the T-65B variant. I still use 12.5 m for scales.
Y-wing16 m23.4 m16.24 mClone Wars version was listed at 23.04 m. 2015 entry lists 23.4 m for both. Rogue One Visual Guide lists original Y-wing at 16.24 m.


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