Evolution of Star Wars scales

Have you ever wondered why the “official” sizes of Star Wars vehicles change over time? Well, I have wondered that as well. It seems that a few years ago, the Star Wars Databank changed a lot of the vehicle sizes (around the same time Disney bought Lucasfilm). Most of these changes were minor, but a few had major alterations to their size. For instance, the AT-TE went from 13.2 m to 22.02 m in length. I think most of the new sizes fit the vehicle appearances better. Yet it’s odd to me that so many changed in such a short time.

However, historically, Star Wars vehicle sizes have changed a lot over time. Perhaps the most widely disputed is the AT-AT due to West End Games originally listing its height at a rather short 15 meters. While I don’t know the reasons for all of the more recent changes, I still decided to compile a list of every vehicle with updated dimensions. If you have time, please take a look, and let me know if I missed any or if there are any sizes you disagree with.

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  1. How consistent is the on-screen size of the Pelta-class with the listed canon size of 282 m do you think?

    Considering the size of the Soulless One (which is about the same size of an A-wing) relative to a CR-70, the scenes of A-wings deploying from Phoenix Home’s hangar in Rebels seem off to me. There’s also some weirdness going on with the forward bridge window and the Consular-class-looking bridge stuck on top, as the forward bridge window looks like it’s the same size as the bridge window of the CR-70 and CR-90 (a bridge window taller than a single deck wouldn’t make sense for the interior shots of Phoenix Home). It looks like it should be a bit closer to the size of the CR-70, rather than nearly the size of a Nebulon-B. Are there any alternative size estimates?

    • You know, I’ve never really thought about it, but you are right. It has to be smaller. Looking at this picture, I’d say it’s half the 282 reference. Other shots kinda confirm that, especially the landed in the “Legends” section on Wookieepedia. I may have to think about changing my scales pages.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any alternative dimensions. The 282 meters was first reported in the Clone Wars Incredible Vehicles book, but that one has been wrong before. Hmmm

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