Rogue One & Scale Updates

To start, I absolutely loved Rogue One. It was a near flawless Star Wars film in my opinion. There was just enough old and just enough new to make it fit perfectly before A New Hope. And there’s so many links to the original trilogy, that I’m sure many of us will be analyzing Rogue One over and over again.

For modelers, new ships means new models. So far Bandai and Revell haven’t disappointed in their lineup. However, by digitally recreating all of the OT vehicles to scale, some of the official sizes changed. X-wings, Y-wings, the AT-ST, and even the TIE Fighter have had their sizes altered.

Best part, my estimates of 7.3 meters for the TIE Fighter is almost spot on for the new official size: 7.24 meters. Yeah, it’s nerdy, but it makes me really happy.

I have updated all of Scale Lists, as well as the Official Sizes page to catalogue the changes. Cheers!

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  1. Good call on the TIEs. Thats a never ending one, but its good to see they have decreased it somewhat. It always seemed too big to me. I wonder what their process/reasoning behind the new numbers is.

    • Thanks. I believe what happened was that Rogue One required ILM to recreate all of these ships digitally in the same scale. That’s why Admiral Raddus’ MC75 is listed at 1204.44 meters instead of just 1205 or something like that.

  2. I mean I wonder if they actually have someone whose job it is to actually keep track of this and catalog the information/stats. I cant imagine its just the modeler who is in charge of making sure the numbers are in order…and then who posts the official numbers to the SW website? One thing I wish they would do, now that its digital, to include at least one other measurement rather than just having either height or length.

    • Well, I know they do have people that serve as officials on Star Wars canon, such as Pablo Hidalgo, who co-wrote the Rogue One Visual Guide. But I agree, I would have liked other dimensions, as well as being more specific on certain things (does X dimension include landing gear up or down, etc.)

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