Welcome BB-CH1EF

I recently completed a Bandai BB-8 with custom colors (inspired by the school I work at). I call him BB-CH1EF for my school’s mascot.

As for other updates, Hot Wheels scale lists have The Last Jedi vehicles.

I wrote a short article on the Y-wing’s size.

And there’s a new photo at the bottom of the Scale Lists page on how to read them. With any luck, viewers will be able to figure out my weird system for scaling vehicles.

Lastly, I’m working on another Bandai AT-ST, but I’m doing something very unique this time. The build log (not yet up) will be helpful to anyone wanting to REALLY pose this guy. And hopefully, I can get back into doing more and finishing more models in the new year. I have so many unfinished build logs and builds right now…it’s kinda crazy.


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  1. Oh im looking for ward to the Y-Wing article…too late to read now as my brains telling me I should have been sleeping since an hour ago. Its cool that the hasbro micro machine ATAT scales with the new HW walker. I was wondering how they compared. I just got a couple of Disney diescast vehicles that I can submit the measurements for, as well as this surprisingly well made Millennium Falcon book light.
    Hey are you planing to do a post for Last Jedi vehicles/models like you did for Rogue One?

    • I haven’t really thought about one yet. But I may do an A-wing article in the future, since it’s size is hard to determine. The new RZ-2 A-wing is smaller than the “canon” size of the old one, yet it looks much larger. Thanks for the comment!

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