Imperial Combat Assault Tank miniature

I bought this guy last week, and I wanted to share. I love this design, and I really enjoyed building and painting the detailed (but minute) Bandai set. This one is from the Legion tabletop miniatures game by Fantasy Flight. They are 1/44 scale, but look very close to 1/48

A few others have talked about the Legion Combat Assault Tank, but I thought I'd add a few close-ups.

  • Great detail on everything
  • Tracks for accurate R1 model and have slots that prevent you putting them in backwards
  • 2 guns to mount to the hatch
  • both hatches can be modeled open
  • slight seam lines on main guns
  • side guns can rotate after being popped in
  • 1/44 scale figure is very close to 1/48 AT-ST driver and old WotC miniatures
  • two molds for each set of arms
  • cargo containers are all separate and look great

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  1. It does look good. I dont have anything from the Fantasy Flight line because the Micro machines are good enough for me..
    How far apart can two similar scales be before you think they couldnt be fudged? I have that “Hero Series” Millennium Falcon from hasbro that works out to be 1/48 and a human figure in that same scale to represent Han. What I would like to do is display them with a real world counterpart of the same scale, which would be a semi truck…If you want to get technical it would probably be a freighter ship, but I say a truck hauling cargo is just as good. Plus most people are familiar with the size of a semi, thus giving them a better sense of the scale of the Falcon. The closest thing I can get to a truck in that scale is 1/43.

    I guess my question is: if its the difference between the scales is 5 integers or so, would you go any further than that before you can say that the two items would be noticeable out of scale?

    • It shouldn’t make a big difference. Usually, you don’t notice small scale differences until you get to a really big scale (like 1/12). If there’s a figure nearby, you would probably notice a little but more though. If you look at the photos here, you can see the figures are somewhat noticeable in their differences, despite being 1/44 and 1/48. Best!

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