Micro Galaxy Squadron – The New Action Fleet

I have an ALMOST complete collection of Jazwares' new Micro Galaxy Squadron line. As such, I have a new Scale List page for those ships. I also talk a little about removing the coffee drip wash that most of the ships have.

Apart from the weird wash, these toys are amazing. They are basically Action Fleet 2.0 with similarly-sized figures and starfighters. Some of the ships are larger, like the Falcon and Slave I. But most are AF-sized and look great. The detail really is top notch.

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  1. Man I have been waiting for this post! Thanks for being on top of this. I was really wondering about the Slave 1.

    • Thank you. I probably would have had it done sooner if certain items weren’t so hard to acquire. That’s probably my only issue with this line: the dang Chase vehicles that Scalpers get their hands on.

    • Sorry to hear that. I’m not sure how the comment system works, since I’m on the admin end of things. I’m just using the standard comment system that comes with WordPress. Hopefully it’s only a temporary issue for you.

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