Micro Galaxy Squadron – The New Action Fleet

I have an ALMOST complete collection of Jazwares' new Micro Galaxy Squadron line. As such, I have a new Scale List page for those ships. I also talk a little about removing the coffee drip wash that most of the ships have.

Apart from the weird wash, these toys are amazing. They are basically Action Fleet 2.0 with similarly-sized figures and starfighters. Some of the ships are larger, like the Falcon and Slave I. But most are AF-sized and look great. The detail really is top notch.

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  1. Man I have been waiting for this post! Thanks for being on top of this. I was really wondering about the Slave 1.

    • Thank you. I probably would have had it done sooner if certain items weren’t so hard to acquire. That’s probably my only issue with this line: the dang Chase vehicles that Scalpers get their hands on.

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