1. Hello you seem to be all knowledgeable about this website. So questions for you. Is there going to be any possibility that we can get packs of either rebels and or stormtroopers? Or packs in general. Why does the big box retailers not get any merchandise. In va anyway

    • Well, I hope I’m knowledgeable about this site; it’s mine after all. Haha. So, I don’t really have any connections to Jazwares. In the past, we were told they wouldn’t be doing figure packs, probably because this might impede on Hasbro’s license, but I’m not sure. As for distribution, it’s a toss up sometimes. I still haven’t seen any series 5 near me, except for Target exclusives. Even from one store to another, you’ll find vastly different inventory. I wish we had a more clear cut answer as to why some stores get some things, while others get completely different packs.

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