I like die casts and I can not lie

Well the Altaya gods (and a buddy in France) have been really good to me. This latest round of die-casts is truly amazing. The Free Virgillia Bunkerbuster is probably my favorite followed by the Persuader Tank Droid. The Imperial Light Shuttle from Kenobi is a real stand out though. And the landspeeders/airspeeders are always a treat, but make me want some figures to go in them. Check out the pages Republic, Empire, & New Republic for more ships.

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  1. Out of curiosity, how much in customs and shipping are you paying extra to get these in the US? I am in the opposite situation : in France and dying to put my hands on some MGS line toys from Target and Walmart and a buddy of mine is willing to receive and then ship them to me.

    The quality of these Altaya die-cast is impressive, we are mile away from the Titanium series. These ships are gorgeous!

    • I pay the standard cost plus actual shipping of whatever he can fit in a 5KG box. I’m not exactly sure how much that is per model though. It’s worked out that we tend to ship stuff to each other at the same time. I send him MGS and any Hasbro US exclusives he wants.

      • Thanks for your answer! Out of curiosity are you shipping to your French buddy using USPS or private companies like Fedex or UPS? I went to the USPS website and it says for up to 4lbs, it would cost my buddy 63USD in International First Class mail. I was surprised by the high cost. Maybe i didn’t look properly and missed more affordable options. Apologies for the weird discussion but trying to get clarity with shipping costs from the US. Thanks in advance for your help!

        • I think that’s pretty much what I pay. My shipment of MGS is about 60-70 shipped. It works out though because he’ll check the Altaya stuff for defects, and I’ll check the MGS for QC issues before shipping.

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