Sabine TIE Raffle

So I'm doing a raffle for Sabine's TIE to help with website costs. I'm not looking to make bookoo bucks, just some to help offset website costs. Thank you for your consideration.
$1 = 1 entry
Enter as many times as you wish
Prefer Paypal Friends/Family
Winner gets free shipping in US. International is extra.
Winner video will be done Monday July 8

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  1. Have you considered starting a patreon, Jonathan? You do really good work for collectors and hobbyists alike and I, for one, would love to learn more about your process as I start getting into modeling.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I have considered it. It would be more time I would need to devote to filming/photographing everything. Certainly something to consider for the future.

      • TBH, with how often I check this site for your reviews/modeling updates, I’d pay for what you’re already doing. Only thing that would make it better are modeling tutorials or a good video course on modeling basics.

        • Well thank you. I’m curious, what specifically would you like to see more on? I’d love some ideas for videos or articles.

  2. Do we put our email and address in the comment for PayPal? I’ve never done this before and I’m excited. Thanks for all you do RebelScale

    • You are welcome to put your email address in the comment. I’ll try to find winners on Facebook first, then I’ll message directly through Paypal. But email would help. Thank you!

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