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Size Matters Not

My first foray into Star Wars began I believe in 1993 with the THX-mastered versions of the trilogy. And I forayed hard. I got into PC gaming with Dark Forces and Rebel Assault II, and I jumped into collecting Galoob's Micro Machines and their later Action Fleet line. Now, I did buy a couple of Kenner figures. But remember, this was the 'roided-up line of figures with Hulk Skywalker and Chonkbacca. I hated the inaccuracies. At less than an inch tall, Micro Machines were more believable.

Have Kit will Bash

Around 2002 is when I got into kit-bashing with the little Micro Machines toys. Already, I had a lot of military Micros, so it was natural to turn those into Star Wars ships. No, I didn't realize their value at the time. So, I created all kinds of ships, some from concept art or video games, some from my own imagination. I also wrote backstories on a lot of the designs I made. It was nice break from high school essays, and I found a love of writing and researching.

Probably around the same time I "borrowed" an off-brand Dremel from my grandfather. Having a Dremel (even one "as seen on TV") really upped my game. High speed discs allowed me to start operating on Action Fleet ships or model kits. My dad said I should have been a dentist. And it probably sounded like I was giving a root canal with how high-pitched the whirring was - before the damn thing burning out.

Total Eclipse of the Art

In 2006, I splurged and bought an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS as my first airbrush. Yes, I still have it. And yes, it is still my main airbrush. When people ask for the best beginner airbrush, I highly recommend it. It's more than the cheap Chinesium airbrushes, but it's incredibly well-made, easy to clean, easy to find parts, and it does fine lines as easily as base coats. I don't like being brand-loyal to anyone - except Iwata.

At the same time, I started buying models of planes and tanks. These were altogether different from Star Wars stuff. Now, I never got into the research and paint precision that some people get into. I'm not concerned with the correct Russian Green from September of '43 painted on T-34 turrets serial numbers 3330256-330267. I was happy to mix and make own colors. I also discovered the "Spanish way" of painting, which was much more artistic and stylized. I loved this. This style hit on what I loved about the ILM-style of painting ships, and the process was enjoyable, especially with my Eclipse.

A Rebel without a Scale

And this brings us to now. I run this website for fun, to share my love of collectibles, and my love of scale-modeling. I love sharing with others and seeing what other people are building or collecting. And I do love the occasional Scale List or deep dive into a ship's true length.

If you treat Scale-modeling as an art:

Build as you want

Paint as you want

Weather as you want

And no one can tell you you’re wrong.

OK, they can, but don't listen to them. Their figures look cross-eyed anyway.


  1. Hi there, been using your site for most of the day cataloging my action fleet collection. An amazing resource! I never knew there were so many different variants of ships. One thing I noticed is that most of your ships have the black with gold text for stands. However some of the ships I have, only have the plain black text (the worst looking one) and yet there are no variants for those ships listed on your website.

    Did you just buy the stands separately, paint them yourself, or is there something i’m missing? I’m getting a display case for these and just noticed this now. It’s going to drive me crazy to not have them all match. Look forward to hearing from you! πŸ™‚

    • Hey man, glad my site is proving useful. I think I have all of the major variants listed. Now, for stands, check of the Variations page. Originally, Galoob released the stands with silvery, rainbow-like, reflective text. After the first wave, they switched to gold for most of their releases. Then, for their final few Classic ships (like the E-wing and TIE Defender), they switched to black. Episode I stands were all black. But Hasbro resurrected the gold text for their 2002 releases, as well as the Titanium Ultras. Best!!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Great stuff! Really digging the Rebel tanker. It’s a little tough to tell just from the photos — assuming the door under the cockpit is about 2 meters, how long would that make your tanker, roughly?

    Thinking of doing a paper model to scale with my tiny paper Millennium Falcon, crediting you, of course! And if you don’t mind πŸ™‚

    -David C.

    • Thanks man, that will be cool to see. The door piece I used was 1/350 scale, so I based it’s size on that. It’s about 28 cm long, so probably 98 m actual size.


      • Great! Thanks, That’s invaluable. I’m currently working on a Medical Frigate, which is just a heckova thing to do at this scale. If you’re interested you can see my stuff at the website I entered on your form.

        If you happen to have any ortho views of your tanker you don’t mind sharing, my e-mail is david@otherlifeart.com .


        • That is some insane detail on paper models. The Blockade Runner looks spot on to the movie miniature. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Frigate.

  3. Beautiful work on your projects! I was googling sci fi scratch building, hoping for something inspiring and one of your images came up (My wish came true). I ended up commenting here as your modelling philosophy is as endearing as your projects. The sci fi genre allows aesthetics to counterbalance veracity and enlivens the imagination. I hope to pilfer your roject logs for ideas that could help me build war gaming terrain. Rather than vehicles I work mostly on figures but a stirring narrative needs momentous sets as well as a heroic cast of characters. Your Skip-ray blast boat has given me some direction on how I might construct a squad transport/close support gunship. Thanks!

  4. Your doing a great job my friend. I love your work. This is my 10th time to this website. I’m just getting into the hobby. I love the Galoob Action fleet. I was to old to collect them in the mid 90’s, besides I began to have kids. Now their graduation high school and I finally have time and money. lol Some of my favorite of Galoob toys are the Star Ship Troppers and Aliens. I believe the Aliens dropship is the holy grail of this whole line. Do you have a favorite?

    • Thanks man, I’m glad it’s helping. I love the Starship Troopers, Aliens, and Predator Galoob toys. I don’t have many of them, but they are nice. I would probably agree that the Aliens dropship may very well be the rarest of the “released” Action Fleet toys. There are dozens of unproduced Action Fleet however, like the Star Destroyer and the Mining Transport from Aliens.

      If I had to pick a favorite, I love the Imperial Landing Craft. It had so many features and I love the design of it.


  5. Fantastic work! If it wasn’t for you, where would we get all this valuable information? You are awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the toys we all love.

  6. I just started kitbashing micromachines. the scale of ships has haunted me since the Space 1999 Eagle. yet i did fit a stormtrooper in there once,but his left arm got a truckers tan from being outside the cockpit window

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