Star Wars Action Fleet Toy Archives


With the success of the Micro Machines, Galoob decided to release a new line of Star Wars toys called Action Fleet. These sets featured a vehicle with action features and two poseable figures, which fit into the cockpits.

Ironically, the first Action Fleet set released was the Droids pack in ‘95, which featured 16 droids in a size slightly larger than what would become standard for Action Fleet. While not sporting the Action Fleet logo, these did feature moveable appendages, as well as an attention to detail that the AF line became known for.

After the first waves of ships, Galoob started releasing Battle Packs (featuring smaller ships and multiple figures), as well as large transforming playsets. Galoob would eventually expand the Action Fleet line to other toy series including Aliens/Predator, Military, and Starship Troopers.

In 1998, Hasbro bought out Galoob, but continued the Star Wars Action Fleet line into late ‘99, eliminating one figure and focusing solely on Episode I. Due to the demand from fans, Hasbro in 2002, repackaged the line by re-releasing many old vehicles, as well as a few new ones from Attack of the Clones. However, these versions were more for display purposes as Hasbro upped the price and took out the figures altogether. The line promised much (including a Homing Spider Droid, Mon Cal Cruiser, and the long-awaited Death Star), but was canceled before their release.

Classic Galoob line - 1995-1998

Episode I line - 1998-2000

Hasbro Saga line - 2002-2004

Unreleased - wishful thinking

Variations - figure and stand details

Oddities & Trivia - funny and odd tidbits


  1. A number of models have “playset attachment hole”, what was this used for? Eg the TIE Bomber “Playset attachment hole (atop warhead hull)”

    • Those were used by the playsets that had little refueling stations. The Death Star in particular had a little hose thing that would attach to that hole.

  2. I had the whole original galoob action fleet set all the vehicles and battle packs at 1998-99. Fast forward to 2006 my mother cleaned out my room when I went to boot camp and gave them all away to some poor kid. My heart sank 🙁 and stil never recovered

    • That’s a good question. I remember those points now that you mention it. Galoob probably had some mail in you could enter.

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