12 – Cantina Smugglers & Spies

Classic Galoob Action Fleet: Battle Pack



  • Bom Vimdin (Advozsec)
  • Hem Dazon (Arcona)
  • Duros (Ellorrs Madak)
  • Labria (Devaronian)
  • Lak Sivrak (Shistavanen)
  • Momaw Nadon (Ithorian)
  • Nabrun Leids (Morseerian)
  • Wuher


  • Only one


  • Two Lak Sivrak figures fell apart when I bent the legs up, which I had to glue back down. If you get the set, be careful with that figure, as it isn’t meant to be in a seated position.

Toy Construction

  • N/A

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