Death Star

Classic Galoob Action Fleet: Transforming Playset


Thanks to Robert "ChewBobcca" for the photos


  • Firing Superlaser missile
  • Swivel chair/missile launcher
  • Pop-out laser cannon
  • Firing Probe Droid pod with Micro Machine Probot


  • Working lift
  • Rotating command chairs (2)
  • Meditation chamber raises and lowers
  • Rotating Emperor's throne
  • Gantry holds TIE Advanced
  • Sliding gantry hose with cargo claw and power unit
  • Second hose with single prong and double prong connectors
  • Chair/crate holds single figure and 2 missiles
  • Opening compartment to store figures
  • Exclusive art by Ralph McQuarrie
  • Battle-damaged TIE Advanced x1
  • Poseable Darth Vader (with removable helmet), Emperor, Stormtrooper, Royal Guard, TIE Pilot, Imperial Gunner

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