Classic Galoob Action Fleet: Miscellaneous figure pack



  • Top row: R5-D4, WED-15 Treadwell, B’omarr Monk, FX-7
  • Middle row: 2-1B, CZ-OR6, EV-9D9, Death Star Droid (5D6-RA-7), IG-88, 8D8, 4-LOM
  • Bottom row: R1-G4, EG-6 Power Droid, Mouse Droid, Interrogation Droid, LIN Demolitionmech
  • All are poseable to some degree except the Mouse Droid


  • Only one
  • This set was released in 1995, making it the first Action Fleet set, even though it didn't sport the title.


  • I repainted the LIN Demolitionmech.
  • I made the syringe rotate on the Interrogation Droid.

Toy Construction

  • They are held by glue.

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