Ice Planet Hoth

Classic Galoob Action Fleet: Transforming Playset


Thanks to Robert "ChewBobcca" for the photos


  • Rotating and firing Df.9 cannon
  • Firing Ion Cannon
  • Rotating blasters (2)
  • Opening hatch on AT-AT
  • Wampa cave with figure holder for Luke
  • Opening Echo Base door
  • AT-ST footprints fit Action Fleet AT-ST


  • Lifting lookout tower holds figure
  • Rotating command chairs (2)
  • Bacta tank holds figure
  • Rotating/fold-out welding arm
  • Pop-up crane has cargo claw and double prong connector
  • Chair/crate holds single figure and 2 missiles
  • Clips to hold missiles on floor (3)
  • Opening compartment to store figures
  • Exclusive art by Ralph McQuarrie
  • Battle-damaged Snowspeeder
  • Troop cart holds multiple figures
  • Poseable Tauntaun & Rider, 2-1B, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Rebel Pilot, Wampa

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