Millennium Falcon

Classic Galoob Action Fleet


  • Opening cockpit and laser cannon turret
  • Movable sensor disk
  • Rotating quad laser turrets (2)
  • Firing missile
  • Retractable landing gear (3)
  • Opening cargo bay with secret compartment
  • Playset attachment hole (inside cargo bay)
  • Poseable Han Solo and Chewbacca
  • Special inscription inside the body from Jim Fong dedicated to his son and all Star Wars fans


  • Galoob version (pictured)
  • Hasbro 2002 release “overly-damaged version”



  • Painted highlights and intense weathering
  • Recut the front mandible area to look more realistic
  • Added new guns from Titanium Ultra
  • Added retractable ramp from Titanium Ultra

Toy Construction

  • Most of the body is held together by screws. The tricky parts are around the missile launcher and landing gear housings.


  1. Interestingly, I had a hand in the final design/look of this toy. My friend Jim Fong was experiencing a dilemma with respect to the Falcon cockpit… he would have to enlarge it considerably to fit two figures… making it out of scale. I told Jim he couldn’t do that… it would ruin the aesthetic of the toy in a key way. It wouldn’t look like the Falcon. The resulting issue was that there was a required figurine count for the product and he now had an “extra” figure. I suggested that he should have one figure in the cockpit, and put another figure at the laser turret… so he went to work designing the pull out turret compartment, and the cockpit stayed in scale… and that’s the toy as seen today.

    • That is an amazing story. I can’t thank you enough for sharing, especially because of how much these toys MADE my childhood. Thank you for your work…and for keeping the cockpit in scale.

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