Millennium Falcon

Classic Galoob Action Fleet


  • Opening cockpit and laser cannon turret
  • Movable sensor disk
  • Rotating quad laser turrets (2)
  • Firing missile
  • Retractable landing gear (3)
  • Opening cargo bay with secret compartment
  • Playset attachment hole (inside cargo bay)
  • Poseable Han Solo and Chewbacca
  • Special inscription inside the body from Jim Fong dedicated to his son and all Star Wars fans


  • Galoob version (pictured)
  • Hasbro 2002 release “overly-damaged version”



  • Painted highlights and intense weathering
  • Recut the front mandible area to look more realistic
  • Added new guns from Titanium Ultra
  • Added retractable ramp from Titanium Ultra

Toy Construction

  • Most of the body is held together by screws. The tricky parts are around the missile launcher and landing gear housings.


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