TIE Defender

Classic Galoob Action Fleet



  • Pull-out engine opens cockpit
  • Removable wing
  • Flip-over battle-damage wing plate
  • Poseable TIE Pilot and Moff Jerjerrod


  • only one


  • None currently

Toy Construction

  • Body is glued in some spots, but mostly is held by screws.


    • Definitely a grail item. I sometimes see these pop on Mercari for a semi-decent price. Though right now, one guy wants $450, which is nuts.

  1. Just found one and listed it on Mercari, if anyone wants it haha. Just the ship and display stand, unfortunately no minifigures but I wonder if eBay might sell those separately.
    John, what’s the unique number on the base of the Defender pilot? I had one once and immediately could tell the pilot was unique to all the other tie pilots.

    • Yeah I saw that one pop up as well. The pilot is #4 with grey boots/gloves and gunmetal helmet. His helmet isn’t as shiny as the one that comes with the Interceptor.

    • Yeah, the prices are ridiculous I think. There are some Micro Machines I still want, but I’m not paying the $400+ price tags.

  2. The Action Fleet vehicles were my favorite line in all of the star wars toys. It made me very sad when they went away and even more sad when they came back and they were either the Transformers versions, or the display ships without figures. I didn’t buy Any of those, not that I was protesting, it just literally had No appeal to me. I was still a youngen then and I was not a fan of transformers, nor would I try to justify to my mom why I had to have the display variant for so much more money, and didn’t even come with figures, I just didn’t want it/ The Tie Defender and the B-Wing were in my must have list, when I found out the line was was ended I thought I’d never see one again. I spent nearly 20 yeas on ebay randomly waiting to see one, And at a price that didn’t kill me just to look at. between $400- $900 most of the time. Earlier this year I found one still sealed still in mostly great shape I talked them down to $250.. And while that is still rough, I finally got my Tie Defender and as big as my collection is, it is my Centerpiece 😀 I always wished they would have gotten to a Star Destroyer version though.

    • Dude, I am so glad you got a TIE Defender. It’s an amazing model, but quite pricey to get. I know I’ve dropped a good bit on some AF stuff in the past. I think I spent way too much on the Trade Federation Tank, which I never saw at my local stores, but it’s an amazing model.

  3. I was the one that was nuts enough to buy it lol I negotiated down a bit. But this was like a rare occasion where I had the money to get it and it was in the box with its figures. But Ive got it, it arrived today and it still amazes me how far its travelled. It was the last ship I needed before I moved on to the battle packs.

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