TIE Defender

Classic Galoob Action Fleet



  • Pull-out engine opens cockpit
  • Removable wing
  • Flip-over battle-damage wing plate
  • Poseable TIE Pilot and Moff Jerjerrod


  • only one


  • None currently

Toy Construction

  • Body is glued in some spots, but mostly is held by screws.


    • Definitely a grail item. I sometimes see these pop on Mercari for a semi-decent price. Though right now, one guy wants $450, which is nuts.

  1. Just found one and listed it on Mercari, if anyone wants it haha. Just the ship and display stand, unfortunately no minifigures but I wonder if eBay might sell those separately.
    John, what’s the unique number on the base of the Defender pilot? I had one once and immediately could tell the pilot was unique to all the other tie pilots.

    • Yeah I saw that one pop up as well. The pilot is #4 with grey boots/gloves and gunmetal helmet. His helmet isn’t as shiny as the one that comes with the Interceptor.

    • Yeah, the prices are ridiculous I think. There are some Micro Machines I still want, but I’m not paying the $400+ price tags.

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