TIE Interceptor

Classic Galoob Action Fleet



  • Opening cockpit
  • Rotating rear port slides out wings
  • Playset attachment hole (atop rear port)
  • Poseable TIE Pilot and TIE Pilot (with removable helmet and George Lucas head)


  • Silver “SW” Logo box with dark blue version
  • Silver “SW” Logo box with regular blue version
  • Gold “SW” Logo box with regular blue version (pictured)


  • Recut laser cannon tips to look more movie accurate

Toy Construction

  • Most of the body is glued together. Wing screws are hidden behind covers. The wing braces are held by screws and glue.


  1. Any idea if the Interceptor in the Classic Duels bundle is the light blue or dark blue version?

    Thanks. Love your website!

    • Thanks man. As far as I know, the dark blue Interceptor was ONLY available in the single box with the silver logo. The Classic Battle set I bought had a regular (light) blue version. Best!

  2. I’ve been wonder for the longest time on the wings variants of the Interceptor: In the regular version that came single-box has NO TABS at the back-end of the wings, but in the Classic Duel Set, that version DOES HAVE WING TABS on it! What are those tabs for and why did they add them to the ship?

    • I have no idea. Interestingly, Hasbro did the same thing with the Titanium release years later. I still don’t know why either company added the tabs, as I’ve never seen any images or art with those tabs present.

  3. Never knew until very recently this was meant to be George Lucas (or Jorge Sacul as I believe the character is allegedly called). Any idea the story behind it? It seems an awfully fiddly thing to design for an unadvertised easter egg. It’s surely the smallest removable helmet in the world, I am pretty sure I discovered it came off by accident when I got it way back when.

    • It’s pretty cool, right. This actually came out several years before the Jorge Sucal figure, so I think that makes AF the first to do a George Lucas in-universe figure…even though it was super tiny.

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