X-wing Red 5 (Luke Skywalker's)

Classic Galoob Action Fleet



  • Opening cockpit
  • Opening S-foils
  • Retractable landing gear (3)
  • Playset attachment hole (top of rear hull)
  • Poseable Luke Skywalker and R2-D2


  • Silver “SW” Logo box “clean version”
  • Silver “SW” Logo box “dirty version”
  • Gold “SW” Logo box “dirty version”
  • Avon mail-in exclusive (dirty version)
  • Hasbro 2002 version (pictured)


  • I took out the glued-down R2-D2 in the Hasbro version.

Toy Construction

  • The entire body is held together via screws. The laser cannons and engine tops are glued down, but are not difficult to remove.


    • I use thin, needle-nose pliers, rotating them against R2’s legs. I didn’t clamp them down at all. Still, it took awhile to get the glue to break free.

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