Y-wing Gold Leader

Classic Galoob Action Fleet



  • Opening cockpit
  • Rotating ion cannon turret
  • Slide-out engine nacelle hatch
  • Retractable landing gear (3)
  • Playset attachment hole (top of rear hull)
  • Poseable Gold Leader and R2 unit


  • Silver “SW” Logo box with oversized canopy / “clean” (pictured right)
  • Silver “SW” Logo box with oversized canopy / “dirty”
  • Gold “SW” Logo box with slim canopy / “clean”
  • Gold “SW” Logo box with slim canopy / “dirty” (pictured)


  • None currently

Toy Construction

  • Most of the body is glued together. The whole thing is a bitch to get apart. Starboard nacelle dome and port nacelle cuff are glued in and hold the hull together along with screws. Then there’s glue everywhere else. When I took it apart, I cut off the nacelle cuffs and popped the body apart starting with the cockpit.


  1. FYI, there is the earliest version, which is oversized canopy but dirty too, like your pictured one. I am about to sell it with the rest of my whole collection on eBay.

  2. One neat bit of trivia regarding this toy is that it was prototyped by Adam Savage. You can hear him talking about it in one of the Tested videos on YouTube. He built three prototypes, and they had the correct spar (slightly above center), which was probably changed to make molding the body halves easier.

  3. Hi Jonathan, any sense of how uncommon the clean versions are? I’m not seeing any on ebay. I love the slim canopy look and would love to add a slim/clean to my fleet (that and the no-markings green a-wing), but I’m wondering how much of a wild goose chase it’s going to be.

    • So, this may very well be the rarest Action Fleet out there. I know of 2 in existence. Kevin Tanner has one slim canopy that’s clean. And I HAD one clean with the thick canopy. I unfortunately painted it because I had no idea it was a variant. So, I still have it…just under a few layers of paint. I have never seen another listed.

      • Oh, wow! Okay I guess I won’t hold my breath for one to pop up then. Bummer about painting over yours but easy mistake to make, for sure. I wonder, with that level of rarity do you think it’s an intentional variant or is it more likely that it’s a paint error?
        (And as a side note, is there at least a little more hope in my unmarked green A-wing quest?)

        • I definitely think the emblemless A-wing is easier to get. Granted, I haven’t looked in a long time. I would suggest making some ebay searches for both “action fleet a-wing green” and “action fleet a-wing squadron colors”. Even with that, they sometimes list them as just “A-wing” without any other identifiers. And make sure you are including worldwide results, not just one country. Unfortunately, this is a waiting game. One will inevitably pop up, but it may take a while.

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