Yavin Rebel Base

Classic Galoob Action Fleet: Transforming Playset


  • Rotating command chairs (2)
  • Rotating chair and cannon (top)
  • Rotating chair with “working” missile launcher
  • Movable “working” missile launcher
  • Rotating gantry with movable refueling boom
  • Rotating crane with cargo hoist and movable refueling boom
  • Removable balcony fits in 3 places
  • Sliding cart moves X-wing
  • Opening main and auxiliary doors
  • Flip-up sentry post
  • Rotating ground  turrets (4)
  • Chair/crate holds single figure and 2 missiles
  • Opening compartments to store figures (2)
  • Exclusive art by Ralph McQuarrie
  • Pilot sticker “Fong” a reference to Galoob toy-maker Jim Fong
  • Battle-damaged X-wing Red 2
  • Poseable Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2 unit, Rebel Trooper, and Wedge Antilles

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