Pod Racer Hangar Bay

Episode I Action Fleet: Playset


  • Telescoping/rotating/sliding podracer harness
  • Harness connectors fit all AF podracers (3)
  • Sliding service module
  • Service module connects to “connecting points” on most AF vehicles
  • Small engine connects to base
  • Moving small engine rotates center platform
  • Pit Droid hands fit into large engine
  • Ivory Pit Droid fits on top of brown Pit Droid
  • Figure stubs (3)
  • Accessories: 1 large podracer engine, 1 small podracer engine, 1 parts cart, 1 stack of junk
  • Poseable Pit Droids (2) and Pit Mechanic
  • See Missing Figures


  • While not exactly noteworthy, this base is great to modify. The entire grey structure can be removed via screws. I used another of these playsets and cut out many of the generators seen here.

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