Jango Fett’s Slave I

Hasbro Saga Action Fleet


  • Opening cockpit
  • Swivel blaster cannons open cargo ramp
  • Rotating wings
  • Cockpit fits previous AF figures
  • No playset attachment hole as with previous version


  • Only one


  • Apart from making a new stand, I repainted a Boba Fett figure in the Jango Fett colors.

Toy Construction

  • It’s held together with screws only


    • Thanks man. This was the re-release that Hasbro did in 2002. All I did was paint a Boba Fett figure to look like Jango. Best!

    • I cut out a small opening to allow the tip of the Slave I to sit in it. Then I modified the vertical stand piece to hold the rounded red part of the Slave I. It works pretty well, it just required a lot of fine-tuning.

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