Action Fleet Oddities & Trivia

  • The Droids set is technically the first Action Fleet release, despite not sporting the Action Fleet label.
  • Despite being fully functional (without the twine), the winch to the AT-AT was never finished for release. See the AT-AT page for more info.
  • Some of the single releases of the Millennium Falcon have a Jim Fong inscription under the rear hatch. Jim Fong was a toy designer for Galoob.
  • The Yavin playset featured a Rebel pilot sticker with the name “FONG” at the top, another nod to the toy designer. Considering I’ve never seen the pilot’s picture before, it may be a likeness of Fong as a homage to his great work.
  • Despite the most appearances, the TIE Fighter was the fourth TIE to be released.
  • Lando is strangely unavailable in his Bespin garb.
  • The only Tusken Raider figure is a “riding” version on a Bantha.
  • Even though she had a speaking role, no Oola figure was ever produced for the AF or MM lines.
  • The E-wing R7 unit has an Imperial emblem etched into the dome.
  • Famous original trilogy Star Wars artist Ralph McQuarrie returned to do the package paintings for the classic AF playsets.
  • Despite being affiliated with the Speeder bike, the only “riding” Scout Trooper wasn’t released until one of the last battle packs.
  • The most common figure in the Classic line was the Rebel Pilot, which used several molds and appeared 23 times in 20 releases. This is excluding the somewhat “chunky” Porkins figure.
  • R2 and 3PO were the only molds brought back for the Episode I line.
  • The Hoth playset has AT-ST footprints that the AF AT-ST can fit into.
  • The Death Star Playset features a MM Probe Droid that fits into a clear pod. While not movie-accurate, this is the only Probe Droid Pod ever produced as a toy.
  • The Brea Tonnika figure is currently the only Tonnika figure available. It’s rumored that this has something to do with licensing.
  • Other “unique to AF” figures include the E-wing pilot, Jix, , and most of the Alpha figures.
  • The AF line seems to have a fetish for the left or port side. Most attachment holes are on the left. Most features are on the left. And characters with their heads tilted are usually looking to the left.
  • The AF Stormtrooper is only available in the following sets: Alpha Shuttle, Battle Pack 17, TIE Interceptor Flight Controller, Classic Duels TIE Fighter vs X-wing, and the KB exclusive Landspeeder and AT-ST. A fatter version can be found in the AF Death Star playset.
  • The only Palpatine figure is found in the Death Star Playset.


  1. Where are all the Episode 2 Attack of the Clones Sets. I remember seeing at least two of them. One was a battle pack of droids and the other which was far more interesting was a pack with the Acklay,Reek,Nexu, Anakin, Obi One and Padme. This was around in 2002 in which I saw this set and it was in Venice.

    • Those must be from some other line than Action Fleet. Hasbro only released a few Attack of the Clones vehicles for the Action Fleet line, but no figures or creatures unfortunately.

  2. Hi, just wanted to contribute a little to your awesome site. The cantina woman that is featured on the Bantha set is actually Senni Tonnika. She sports a green outfit, while her sister, Brea Tonnika, wears a blue one. There are figures of them on a super vintage action figure line, but you are right, not many of those! Please keep this site online!

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