Unreleased Action Fleet

Out of all of these listed, I have seen the Homing Spider Droid, Neva’s Pod, Boles’ Pod, the two AOTC Speeders, the concept A-wing, and the Mon Cal cruiser on eBay. More recently, I finally acquired a Homing Spider Droid. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Galoob Unreleased

Boles Roor’s Pod RacerBoles Roor
Death Star IIEmperor Palpatine
Neva Kee’s Pod RacerNeva Kee
Neimoidian Shuttleunknown
Star DestroyerImperial Officer
Series Alpha – Pod Racerunknown
Series Alpha – Trade Federation TankConcept Battle Droid
Mini-Scene 9 – Destroyer Droid DeploymentDestroyer Droid (undeployed), ?
Mini-Scene 10 – Opee Sea Killer AmbushOpee Sea Killer, Fish, MM Bongo Sub
Mini-Scene 11 – Theed Palace ?Naboo Soldier, Battle Droid (2)
Jabba’s Palace PlaysetRancor, ?
Build Your Own – Naboo StarfighterOver a dozen parts to create a Naboo Fighter look-alike
Missing FiguresSee page

Hasbro Unreleased

Anakin Skywalker’s Speedernone
A-wing (McQuarrie Concept)none
Death Star Inone
Hailfire Missile Droidnone
Homing Spider Droidnone
Jedi StarfighterR4-P17 (probably unremovable)
Mon Calamari Cruisernone
Star Destroyernone
Zam Wesell’s Speedernone


  1. I dont know, I think anakin’s and zam’s speeders looks like their 3¾-inch versions on those fotos as well as the jedi star fighter

    • Believe it or not, those are the real deal. They showed up at one of the 2004? toy fairs. And I’ve even seen the Jedi Starfighter and 2 airspeeders show up on ebay once or twice. They definitely made a small handful, but never distributed them. Best!

  2. I’m curious if anyone knows how much these should go sell for? I actually just got mini scenes 9 and 10 still sealed! Doubt I’ll ever sell them but gets me curious lol

    • I don’t know. It’s an odd market. I saw a Homing Spider Droid go for 300 once and 900 another time. I’ve seen some of the actual released stuff go for super cheap to incredibly expensive. It all depends who’s looking.

      I would be interested in buying if you ever decide to sell. Best!

    • Sadly, these 2 were only mentioned in a press release and never had official pictures that I know of. I imagine that the Star Destroyer would have been the same mold as the unreleased Galoob version.

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