Unreleased Action Fleet: Missing Figures

It seems that several figures were present in the “first shots” of certain playsets, but never made it to the final release. It’s unknown as to why, but the figures in question don’t seem to offer a lot of “playability” and were most likely removed for that reason. Of course, changes were often made between the test shots and the final releases of these toys.

Pod Racer Hanger Bay:

  • Hologlide Camera Droid (above center)
  • Flag carrier (center)

Mos Espa Market:

  • Dark Eye Probe Droid (above center)

Watto’s Deal (Mini Scene 7):

  • R2 unit (in red chair thing)

Droid Escape (Battle Pack 7):

  • Odd droid figure (4-LOM?) (far right)
  • Large R5-D4 from Droids set (far left)

Hoth Attack (Battle Pack 13):

  • Snowtrooper with rifle held out

My information is quite limited, so if you know anything about these (or other) figures, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks.


  1. I’ve noticed that in some test photos, the darth vader with the removable cape looks like he has a cloth cape, so you know anything about this?

    • Yes, I have seen what you are talking about. I wonder if it was cloth or just a carefully sculpted clay cape. For a lot of those test photos, they went the extra mile to make the figures look good. I’ve never seen it outside of the advertisements though.

  2. I have the Droid Escape Pod C3-PO and R2-D2 figures. The Pod opens up on the latch that is displayed on the picture and contains a lot of detailed wiring inside. The rectangle on the top portion of the pod is a window. I’ll be glad to answer any more questions about these figures.

    • Unfortunately, not these pictured (except for the big R5). The odd 4-LOM droid is the strangest one I’ve found. I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be.

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