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Action Fleet figures changed a great deal from the inception to the final days of the Episode I line. The original figures had solid plastic body slabs (front and back), which held rubbery-plastic arms and legs. The lower portions of the body did not meet, so the legs could pop out. Starting with the Gold “SW” Logo boxes, the lower body joint did connect, which stiffened the figure and kept it from being “wobbly”. The late-production AF and EP1 figures featured an even sturdier build, with less rubbery legs and arms. Although, the legs and arms still featured a rubber-like plastic, but were more sturdy.

Another point about figures, nearly all AF figures had a number beveled into their feet for identification. Classic figures had a 2 or 3 digit number. Episode I figures had a 1 or 2 digit number, which was usually preceded by the letter “A”. Early OT figures and droids from Droids pack are excluded and have no marks at all. See the AF Figure List below.

Episode I figures featured hexagonal connection holes on the feet base. These connected to playset stubs and helped in recreating “action” scenes.

Action Fleet Figure List



  1. Great site and incredible amount of work put into it! Well done!!
    I have a small question regarding the Action Fleet stands: is there a way to identify which of the classic stands belongs to which craft? For example with the year written on the vehicle? All AF I have are loose and i want to check if all corresponding stands are there. But it seems Galoob changed the stands but not the vehicles…?

    • Thank you. As for the stands, they do have dates on the bottom, but they are the copyright date of manufacture, not necessarily release (I think all TPM stands are 1998). And then, you’ll find that AF’s released multiple times will have different stands. You are welcome to join the forums at Rebelscum to ask about specific sets, which all of us could hopefully help with.


  2. What set does the short stand go to? The one that’s pictured beside the double peg stand that goes to the imperial shuttle tydirium. Also, why do some stands not have places for the figures feet to slide into, like the stands still have places for figures to stand just nothing to help them stand up straight. Sorry the second question is kinda confusing but thanks.

    • The short stand goes to the MTT. As for the figure slots, well the earliest ones just had the little channels to place the figures loosely. Then with the second wave (I think), they added the little notch that figure feet slid into. Finally, for Episode I, they made all figures will holes in the feet to snap into the stands. And of course, Hasbro releases didn’t have any figure openings.

  3. My download of The Action Figure list is garbled programing language when opened in ‘Notebook’; what am I doing incorrectly?

  4. OK.. On further playing around, it came up as “unconfirmed download”.. What I had to do to get it to work was rename the file and change the file extension to “.docx”, okaying the file extension change when the computer warned me it might not work. THEN it came right up in Word.

    • I changed it around so you don’t have to download it. It’s a static link to a Google Doc. That should work better. Best!

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