Composite Beam Turrets

So, I finished up the building this weekend by redoing the Composite Beam Turrets on the wings and hull. These are little Death Star laser things you see in Attack of the Clones. The Ultra Titanium doesn't really have a lot of detail for them, so I redid all of them. But, I am now finally ready to start some assembly and painting of this Republic Gunship.

New scale list updates

I recently noticed that the Star Wars Databank has changed many of the lengths for various ships and vehicles. Most of these are small changes, but a few nearly double the size of the vehicle. For instance, the AT-TE is now listed at 22.02 meters, which makes a lot more sense than earlier ~13 m reported size. I went in and changed MANY of the vehicles to the new sizes (thus new scales estimates) accordingly. However, I still maintain my own estimates for the TIEs, A-wing, and a few other craft.

Strangely, they upped the Y-wing to 23.4 meters from 16 meters, perhaps to match the Clone Wars variant. This figure would make it longer than the AT-AT is tall, so I’m sticking with 16m.

As always, if you find any errors or if you have any questions, please contact me.

New server

Well, after over a week of issues, I recently switched to SiteGround for my hosting. Granted, I’m doing the cheapest option, but so far, it has exceeded my expectations. This, plus the new Star Wars trailer makes one excellent day indeed.

Scale lists updated

I’ve been doing some recalculations on some of the ships, particularly the fighters. After looking over the Millennium Falcon Owner’s Manual, as well as comparing the models I have, I changed my estimates for the TIE Fighter, TIE Advanced x1, and the A-wing. The TIE looks to be 8.2 m; the Advanced x1 is a little shorter at 7.6 m. Finally, the A-wing is a mere 6.9m, though I could see it being even shorter. I also doubled the length of the Mon Calamari Home One cruiser based on images from Wookieepedia to 3200 m.

In the future, I plan on doing pages dedicated to discussing the sizes of many of these ships.