Models & Creations

kit-bashed and scratch-built models and art involving Star Wars, military, and various sci-fi subjects

Models for me started with LEGOs. As I expanded my collecting to Star Wars toys, I began customizing Micro Machines and Action Fleet vehicles. The next logical step was true model kits, and when the kits didn't have what I wanted...I improvised.

These pages include nearly all of the models and customs I have made over the years. A lot of the earlier stuff I did were airplanes and Star Wars Action Fleet repaints. As I moved forward and developed my skills a little, I branched out to more complex builds and kit-bashes. I think some of the biggest leaps in my abilities came from building Star Wars customs with original designs. Eventually, I moved into building armor/tanks, mostly WWII German vehicles, which allowed me to do a lot of intense weathering. In between, I built several Rezna P. (Panzer spelled backwards) hovertanks that I kit-bashed from single-kits (always a good challenge).

More recently, I moved into trying dioramas and painting figures. It is my hope that I can apply diorama/terrain ideas to more builds, develop more scratch-building techniques, and learn figure modeling (painting and sculpting).

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