Revell U-wing review & build

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This is the build log for the Revell U-wing kit from Rogue One. This kit features a green LED and sound chip, fold out wings, and attachable landing gear. The U-wing also has a lot of nice detail, better than many Revell kits, but not quite up to Kylo Ren's Shuttle. To me, I like the U-wing design, particularly as a transport and gunship. Admittedly, I'm not big on the wings-out look, but I do like the utilitarian aspect of the craft. The Revell U-wing is 28 cm long.

Comparison to similarly-scaled vehicles, the Titanium V-wing (1/101) and A-wing (1/97).

EDIT: Now that the movie is out, official sizes put this model at 1/86 scale, larger than Revell reported.

The engines come in 4 pieces: nozzle, intake, and 2 halves. The grey nozzle pieces are already glued together. Unfortunately, the recessed lines near the intake become softer around the edges.

The U-wing actually has an underside canopy with inner detail. This would allow the pilots to scan the landing area. There's also some landing gear holes that need to removed.

Check out the detailed cockpit with screens and controls. Also, the pilots are fantastic for the size. The seats have detail on both sides, and the power box has a simulated door on it leading to the troop bay.

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