Fw 190 F-8

Airfix (1/72)

♦ Detail: 5/5

♦ Fit: 4/5


  • Whitewash scheme
  • mud on tires

The Build

This was a challenge I gave myself to buy and build a kit in one day. Airfix's Fw 190 F-8 was a great choice with great detail and fit. I was able to build and paint most of the kit in about 7 hours.

The next day, I added the decals and airbrushed the whitewash lines using Mig Ammo washable white paint. From there, I used a Q-tip and water to remove excess white paint. Afterwards, I glued on and painted the landing gear.

For weathering, I mainly stuck to using Mig Ammo panel line washes as filters to reduce the contrast of the white. Using the same paste I made for the Tiger I, I added mud to the tires and inner wing where the pilot would have stepped.


The Fw 190 F-8 was a modification of A-8 model. The F-8 sported stronger wings to hold bombs, while removing the outer 20mm guns.

As with many Fw 190s on the Eastern Front, the Germans removed the lower portion of the landing gear guards. This helped prevent the buildup of mud that could lock up the landing gear.

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