Type 16

Tamiya (1/48)

♦ Detail: 5/5

♦ Fit: 5/5


  • Dusty look
  • Dusty/dirty tires and undercarriage
  • Rotating cannon and MG turret

The Build

This was an out of box build of Tamiya's Type 16 1/48 scale kit. And to be fair, I just wanted something different to build. I don't know much about the vehicle itself, but the kit fell together beautifully. I only drilled out about 6 eyelets for tow hooks. Apart from that small modification, everything is stock.

I airbrushed the 3 main colors using Tamiya paint. Now, I did try some black-basing before painting the basecoat to create interest and a worn appearance.

For weathering, I stuck to oils and pigments. I used oil paints to differentiate some of the panels and to create streaking. Then, I used pigments to add dust and dirt. The tires are rubber, but they held pigments fairly well. After multiple layers, the tires looked worn and realistic. At the same time, I also tried some of the new AK Interactive Weathering Pencils. These are softer than the usual water-color pencils and seem better suited for streaking and fading effects. I was even able to manipulate them with mineral spirits instead of water.


The Type 16 is an 8-wheeled armored car that the Japanese forces use to patrol the islands. The vehicle was designed to travel across roads and up mountainous paths that would be difficult for tracked vehicles. Type 16 vehicles are often seen in practice grounds kicking up dirt and mud all over the relatively flat body.

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