Sci-fi models

Non-Star Wars designs, including the Rezna P. panzer hovertanks

T-70 Bristol Blenheim - This was a kit-bash of the Airfix Blenheim kit with extra guns and paintjob inspired by the T-70 X-wing.


July 2015

Rezna P.234 panzer hovertank - This is another single kit kit-bash using Dragon's 234/4 kit to create a hovertank with guns, interior, roller mines, and desert base.


May 2014

Rehtna P. panzer hovertank - A single-kit kit-bash of Dragon's Jagdpanther into a hovertank with full interior.


October 2012

rezna2_1Rezna P.II panzer hovertank - A kit-bash of single kit using only Tamiya's old Panzer II to create a hovertank with a unique paint scheme.


April 2011

alien_narcissus1Narcissus - This is just a weathered version of the Action Fleet Narcissus shuttle from the movie Alien.


December 2008

Garbage Special PlaneGarbania Plane - I kit-bashed several planes to recreate one of the bad guys in the music video "Special" by Garbage.


October 2008

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