T-70 Bristol Blenheim

Airfix (1/72)

The Build

This started as an out of the box build of Airfix's Blenheim, but I decided to change direction after looking at the T-70 Resistance X-wing. As such, I placed 1/35 Flak 38 guns underslung on bashed ARC-170 wings on the tail. The rudder was also flipped upside-down. Due to this, I had to create a new tail landing gear bay with added details.

I painted the interior in greenish-grey and painted the figure to look like an X-wing pilot. After masking the canopy, I painted the body first in Vallejo's Alcohol-based silver. Then after a coat of chipping fluid, I sprayed an off-white greyish color with dark green camouflage overtones. I then chipped the paint down to the silver/aluminum underneath. I also added blue markings on the wings, tail, and engines, which mirror those of the T-70 X-wing. Finally, I sprayed the landing gear in a bluish-green color.

For weathering, I used enamels for filters and streaks. I then turned to oils to create highlighting and shadows on the wing panels. This was a tedious process, but the color variation looks great. I also added some grime to the landing gear, as well as airbrushing exhaust streaks under the wings.

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