Star Wars Dioramas

Star Wars scenes with a story to tell

Bandai Combat Assault TanksJedha Statue - Imperial Occupation - This diorama features Bandai's Occupier Assault Tanks and a mold of my hand for the fallen Jedi Statue.


June 2018

Turbolaser Tower & B-wing - This diorama features Bandai's Turbolaser and Fantasy Flight Games B-wing strafing the Death Star II.


July 2017

at-te-diorama1AT-TE on Geonosis - This vignette features a weathered F-toys AT-TE on the fields of Geonosis with those giant alien spires in the background.


September 2016

mini-endor1Mini Dioramas - These are several centerpieces I made for my wedding using Micro Machines and various terrain techniques.

Various scales

October 2015

T-47 Seaspeeder dioramaT-47 Seaspeeder "Beyond Horizons" - A modified Snowspeeder for sea travel, custom dock, and female pilot.


November 2014

vader2Darth Vader statue "Reflections" - A repaint of the Unleashed TESB Vader as a bronze statue with Anakin onlooking.


August 2014

nohto3Nöht'ò Nôdi - This is a custom Action Fleet Shistavanen hunter named after the Dogrib Tribe. The name translates to “sharp wolf”.


July 2014

AT-TE Cargo WalkerAT-TE Cargo Walker “Before the Attack” - A what-if redesign of the AT-TE with Micro Machine Clonetroopers and Commando droids in a desert scene.


January 2014

Abandoned TIE Fighter FacilityAbandoned TIE Facility - A TIE facility after the Empire left, which I build with F-toys 1/144 TIE Fighters and TIE Bomber.


March 2011

turrets1Defense Turrets - These are various turrets I made for diorama purposes.

Various scales

April 2010

atatfootdiorama1AT-AT vs Snowspeeder - My first diorama with an MPC AT-AT leg and a Titanium Snowspeeder.

Unknown Scale

March 2006


  1. Dude, I need to send you pictures of dioramas I am building. Using the micro machine figures mixed w/ ertl models and action fleet ships, titanium etc. They all blend together in one scale. Plus, like you, I build in my own things not available and other additional details and fun stuff. I got Tattooine, Hoth and Death Star scenes I am working on. As soon as I get some good photos taken of each I can send them to you.

    • Awesome man. Yeah, I found the MM figures to be perfect for 1/72-ish scale models. They worked really well with my AT-TE Cargo Walker. I also added a Contact Me page under the “About Me” page. Cheers!

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