Abandoned TIE Facility

Custom (1/144)

The Build

This started out as a weathering demo on a Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base 002 (for 1/144 Gundams). Of course, I didn’t want it to just sit there unused, so I thought about making a TIE Hangar. Originally, I was just going to have a few F-toys TIEs and that was it. But as time went on, I decided to build a gantry, a wing rack, and several other things.

The gantry was part of the Kotobukiya kit but modified to fit. I added scratch-built TIE racks out of styrene bits. The  connectors are track links from a Dragon Sd.Kfz 251/17. Tank shell housings made up the catwalks (2 of which are broken). Finally, I added some cable from computer wires. The wing rack was completely scratch-built from styrene and required several measurements to get the angles just right (fits 5 wings). I also added a personnel platform from random tank bits, a ladder, and brass wire.

The TIE Access Station was made from the AA gun emplacement from the same 251 kit. Oddly, the existing pieces fit a TIE hull without any modifications. I added lots of wires, and a shell catch in the center top as a repair stand. The F-toys TIE already has a removable rear panel; I just added extra details. I then made a TIE Bomber reloading station adding a ladder, rear bumpers, bomb rack (from a 1/72 Hummel), and a scratch-built missile rack. The TIE Testing Assemble is an AMT AT-AT foot turned over and chopped down with a Panzer III sprocket set in the center. A few other parts were added to hold the TIE pod with several cables coming from it.

Finally, I built an extensive winch system using 251 kit parts and rollers from a 1/72 Hummel. The center pulley array actually slides in and out, and I even added a window and open door at the rear. Finally, I built a quick control station (which you can’t really see from inside the base) that features controls and cabling.

The flooded compartment was scratch-built with kit-bashed details. It was filled with Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics. Additional spills were a combination of pigments and Future.

Painting consisted of a basic grey coat and a lot of weathering. I painted the hand rails jet black and are the darkest parts of the base. Everything else is a bit lighter. Rust red in many forms was used for the winch, missiles, TIE rear hatch details, and a few other things. Most of the cables were painted in Pollyscale Panzer Dark Yellow.


There’s not much to say here. I just wanted to make an abandoned facility where I could weather away any mistakes I made. I also like the idea of “run-down” buildings, so a run-down Imperial facility (which is usually immaculate) seemed like a great idea.


    • Well, I used the Flak 38 mount for Dragon’s 1/35 251/17. It has the platform, and the gun mount was used for the open rear hatch TIE. But these are 1/144 roughly. So, if you’re using a 1/72 model, you’ll need something bigger. Message me if you have any questions.

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