Jedha Statue - Imperial Escalation

Bandai 1/144

The Build

This project started because I was angry at how small the Imperial Combat Assault Tanks or Occupier Tanks were from Bandai. I wanted to do something to make these side-builds seem more interesting. So, I decided on a diorama of the Jedha Statue, particularly the hand of the fallen Jedi.

For this, I decided I had to somehow get a mold of my hand. But first, I needed a lightsaber. After scouring various hammers, screwdrivers, and broom-handles, I found a hose attachment at my parents' house that looked about right. I didn't want anything too big, but I did want some detail.

Once I had my lightsaber, I needed to figure out how the hell to mold my hand. Enter my brilliant idea of using.........Play-Doh. I bought about 20 cups of it, mixed them, and created a rather oblong burrito. With my wife's help, I smashed my hand and lightsaber into the Play-Doh. We pushed up the sides over most of my hand and about 3/4 of the lightsaber. Then I slowly removed my hand. Luckily, the oil in Play-Doh kept it from sticking for the most part. I had a few issues with my fingernails, which the Doh stuck to slightly.

Once I had my mold, I used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty. Previously, I used it on my Cargo AT-TE diorama for rocks, so I knew how to use it. Some Play-Doh stuck to the cured putty, but warm water and a soft toothbrush removed it. Surprisingly, the Play-Doh & putty captured every freakin' detail, including the little hairs on my hand.

In total, I made 4 molds and 4 casts. I ended up using the 3rd mold, which hid my fingernails and seemed the most "imposing" of the casts. Using various chisels and a very specific needle, I chipped away at the mold. Since it's basically plaster, it was simple to chip away at. For the deep cuts, I used the needle to dig them. Then I rubbed fresh putty over the outer edges to create a "crevice" look. I also used fresh putty to cover any air bubbles.

For the base, I used DAS air-dry clay and embedded the hand inside it. Then it was just a matter or painting and weathering everything. I used hairspray chipping on the tanks where I first sprayed an aluminum coat, followed by the Tamiya German Grey. Similarly, I used hairspray, aluminum color, and a custom orange Tamiya paint for the cargo.

Now, for the rear tank, I chose to have it carrying an AT-ST head. Bandai does make a 1/144 AT-ST, but it's the Hoth version. I wanted the Endor/Jedha version. So, I used an F-toys AT-ST that I modified a little (drilling out holes, guns, and sanding down seamlines).

In all, I think the Jedha Statue turned out pretty well. I'm very happy with the hand mold, which makes a nice backdrop for one of my favorite vehicles from Rogue One.


First, they brought in the white troops, saying it was for "our safety and security".

Then, they delivered the tanks. Slow and rumbling, we thought they were just noisy was all.

But by the third week, we awoke to monsters patrolling our streets, walking on two legs like a man, but clanking and stalking like beasts.

Now, a shadow looms over the city, in the shape of long triangle.


Reports indicate that the Empire slowly moved in several AT-ST units under cover of darkness. They assembled them in secret and deployed them simultaneously. Whatever resistance remained was terrorized into submission or outright destroyed.


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