Mini Dioramas

Wedding Centerpieces

The Build

These Mini Dioramas were table centerpieces I created for my wedding, each one depicting a scene from either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. These were built on foam board using DAS clay for terrain. I then used Micro Machines for the various vehicles.

The Hoth diorama uses several custom Golan Arms DF.9 cannons that I scratch-built from styrene tubes/rods. I added some wires to represent power cables. For snow, I used Baking Soda (a good choice, but will yellow over time).

Endor uses two AT-ST's on clay terrain with molded rocks and a tree embedded in the clay. I added some ground cover of different types and weathered the walkers slightly.

Tatooine was the simplest, as it only required the use of an Escape Pod embedded in the clay. I then created impressions of 3PO and R2 in the sand.

Jakku sports a Star Destroyer that I cut up using a Dremel. I used DAS clay again and sculpted my own mountains and sand dunes. I then cut up lots of .13mm styrene bits to create the random debris on the ground.

My fiance started the work on the LotR dioramas. I finished Bag End by creating a door and steps out of styrene, as well as adding the windows from 1/35 tank parts.

Most of the White Tree of Gondor was built by my fiance. She covered the base with DAS clay and sculpted the stonework. She then twisted the tree and embedded it in epoxy-resin water. I later built the benches and textured them with Tamiya putty.

Finally, the Argonath statues were the most involved. We both worked on these guys, using 1/35 German soldiers as the base, then covering them with Apoxie-sculpt to create cloaks and helmets. The axe and sword were 1/35 tools modified into the correct shapes. We used sponges to create the foliage on the mountainside. Finally, we poured several layers of resin water, which fixed the statues in place. The last layer of water was still a little tacky on the day of the wedding.

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