Ahsoka-inspired Corellian Corvette

Bandai Blockade Runner (1/1182)

The Build

So I got tired of seeing all of the Tantive IV after Bandai released their Rebel Blockade Runner, and I decided to try something different: and Ahsoka-inspired Corellian Corvette.

The build was very straightforward, nothing new there. For painting, I took inspiration from Ahsoka as seen in Rebels. Everything is airbrushed, including the masking of her head tattoo design. There's tans that match her armor, and some dark purple that matches some the highlights on her armor.


I don't imagine that Ahsoka used this as her personal Corvette. However, I think many of the rebels would have been inspired by her actions for Lothal and the Alliance, and thus they would have repainted one of their own corvettes to exalt her. Of course, she would balk at it, but Sabine would be impressed I'm sure.

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